My Thanksgiving thought for my parents

I know Thanksgiving doesn’t belong to my culture, though I’m happy to be thankful for those two.

a thought for my parents

Not all my friends still have the bless of enjoying their parents at my age, so I cherish every single moment I can spend with them.
Since Thanksgiving is a great moment to spend some time to be grateful over all the things we have in our lives, I have a thought for my parents and my sister, since I’m very proud of her.
I’m grateful for all they taught to me and for their unconditional love.

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Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia


The day after leg day be like…

The day after leg day be like… bruises everywhere on my legs!

day after leg day #deadlift #bruise #fun #passion #gainz #girlsthatlift #girlsthatliftheavy

I know I should use long socks when deadlifting, but I prefer wearing tights as I don’t feel comfortable in shorts. So that’s the result – signs and bruises every day after a leg day!

This picture was shot when I landed in Bergamo for WordCamp Milano last October, but trust me – nothing has changed since then, every leg day leaves me the same memories on my shins 😅

Well, can you caption this pic better than I did? I challenge you ;)

#deadlift #bruise #fun #passion #gainz #girlsthatlift #girlsthatliftheavy

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Taken at Milano Orio al Serio International Airport

Comfort food when it’s freezing outside

There’s nothing better that a nice plate of comfort food when the storm is blowing outside. And trust me – it’s getting freezing day by day! I know it’s November and it’s supposed to be cold, but MAN if it’s COLD! 😱

There's nothing better that a nice plate of comfort food when the storm is blowing outside 🍲🌬❄️#buonappetito #pastifrugali
That’s basmati brown rice with turmeric and mixed vegetables. It would go for a soup too, but still – that’s super yummy, warm and comforting.

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Taken at London, United Kingdom

Happy birthday, soulmate

Happy birthday to my soulmate Franz.
Happy birthday soulmate Franz Vitulli
They say “I love you to the Moon and back” – Well, I don’t need to go to the Moon and back as he’s my everything on this Earth and beyond ❤️

I can’t think of my life without him, and everyday I feel so blessed and lucky to have stumbled upon him at some point in 2006!

Taken at Roma, Italia / Rome, Italy

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WordCamp Milano 2016 is over! [Pics inside]

It’s the day after WordCamp Milano, and I can’t be more proud of the Italian WordPress community growing so fast and healthy.WordCamp Milano, WCMIL, WordPress community, Stef Mattana, Giustino Borzacchiello


It’s been a crazy ride. All the organisers were kind of first-timers so they had to face a lot of troubles, going out of their comfort zone and wrangle the event. And eventually they made it! W00t!

After all, everything went through okay and people loved the conference, the talks, the vibes.

WCMilano 2016 - Organizers

WCMilano 2016 - Organizers

More photos of the conference and the Contributor Day can be found in Maurizio Melandri‘s Flickr account as well as Mauricio Gelves! Here are the URLs:

WordCamp Milano Contributor Day by Mauricio Gelves

Organiser’s pics by Mauricio Gelves

WordCamp Milano Album by Maurizio Melandri

Track 1 by Mauricio Gelves

– More WordCamp Milano photos by Mauricio Gelves

Thanks everyone who’s making this happen every day with love, passion and constance. 👏🙌🏻🇮🇹

Taken at Università Milano Bicocca

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