My Toronto and Canada trip takeaways

Last September I’ve been in Canada for two weeks. It’s been such an exciting trip! I spent one week in Whistler, British Columbia, for the Automattic annual company meet up, and then one week in Toronto to visit the city and spend some quality time with some of my husband’s family members.

My toronto and canada trip

My Toronto photo gallery

Everyone has a different perception of a city when visiting it. I’d like to share the takeaways and my personal view of Toronto and Canada with you. My Toronto is a colourful, multicultural and vibrant city full of sport, live music and things to do. I’m pretty sure that reflects some of the many souls a metropolis like Toronto may have.

Below you will find the takeaways about my Toronto and Canada trip, but first here’s the Toronto and beyond photo gallery!

[spoiler alert: if you scroll down, there’s also a tiny photo gallery with Whistler’s pics. you can find the rest of them here]

And here are my Toronto’s takeaways:

  • People don’t lift their feet up from the ground when walking, but they trail them, creating a noise I hate big time. Looks like a trend in Toronto!
  • The food at the CN Tower restaurant is actually very good. As a tourist place, you would think of food being okay at max, instead it’s really good.
  • My Toronto is all about food. Perhaps it’s the Italian and Portuguese influence, but you can find a good place where to eat at every corner of the streets, and food is amazing almost everywhere.
  • We’ve got the drinking department covered as well. The local brewery makes an excellent beer, and near Niagara Falls we found a top-notch liquor distillery.
  • Discovering a new city with the family is the best. Franz has some relatives in Toronto, and I loved hanging out with them.
  • I’ve never heard so many languages being spoken at the same time, in the same place. Not even on a London Tube.
  • Lake Ontario is actually big. It’s like 1/3 of Italy! It’s so huge that indeed looks like a proper sea. You can smell the saltiness too!
  • Even if it’s a big metropolis, my Toronto is far from being an overwhelming city. If it wasn’t for the poor winters (under 20C it’s freaking freezing for me), I’d move there right away.
  • Niagara Falls are possibly the most amazing, exciting and breath-taking experience and thing in nature I will see in my whole life. When I was on the boat, staring at them from the bottom, I really felt I was losing my breath. These falls have been there, moving waters and making that noise, for nearly 12 thousands years. You feel reeeeeeeally small in front of them.
  • Whether you like arts or not, you must pay a visit to Toronto’s AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario.
  • Whether you like sports or not, you must visit the Air Canada Centre.

And now, more Canada pics!

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Happy Hungry Pinner 😁🍕 Best pizza in London!

This is a classic picture of myself – eating. In details, eating pizza. One of the normal pair I like having per meal.

Happy Hungry Pinner 😁🍕#pizza #iifym #acarbslife 🇮🇹 #carbsforlife

Happy Hungry Pinner! 😁🍕#pizza #iifym #acarbslife 🇮🇹 #carbsforlife

Here’s how I captioned the picture in Instagram. Would you caption it differently, maybe?
Look at my face.

Taken at Franco Manca East Dulwich, London
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Visited Hopper exhibition in Bologna

My mother, my sister and I were talking about sorting out a holiday in New York City, when I told them that one of the things I’d like to see in NYC is the Hopper’s museum.

By saying that I recalled that I never posted here the picture I took inside a Hopper’s paint when I visited the Hopper exhibition in Bologna back last July. I was off from WordCamp Europe, so I took a little detour from Austria to Italy on my way back to the UK.

Visited Hopper exhibition in Bologna. I love #Hopper and I got moved by the beauty of his art. Worth travelling here, and Bologna is a lovely city! By the way, this is me embedded in a famous Hopper picture!

I love Hopper a lot, and I found this Hopper exhibition really good.
I got moved by the beauty of his art. It was really worth travelling there, even because I managed to hang out with my sister and mother for a couple of days.
On top of this, Bologna is a lovely city!

In the picture above there’s me embedded in a famous Hopper’s picture! I look nice in there, don’t I?

Taken at Palazzo Fava, Bologna, Italy
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The importance of the group photos at my Automattic annual meet up

The Automattic Grand Meetup has been a grand success for me. Being almost 498 Automatticians gathered in Whistler, BA, Canada, for one week has definitely paid off for me in terms of many aspects.

Automattic photo 2016 Whistler, group photos

I dare you to find myself in here. Photo by Donncha Ó Caoimh

The workshops and the classes we attended during the retreat are going to have a huge impact in my daily job. We’re there together to have fun, to better know each other, and to learn something new that maybe we don’t have time to expand or study during your daily routine workload.

Group photos = good energy to bring home

Mostly, what I’m going to keep and treasure from now till the next meetup with my colleagues are the group photos we took.
It might sound a bit silly, but I do see a great value in the group photos.
As we work remotely, we never (or rarely) see each other – and the weekly video chats don’t count much.
Being together and feeling the need to shoot group pics is a healthy feedback for the teams.

Whenever I feel alone, working in my daily routine, or in distress because there’s no one online and I need help with an issue, I can have a look at those pics and not feel the burden of this anymore.

One of the main takeaways of this meetup is the energy and the positive vibes I’m bringing home. The people I work with are even kinder and nicer than when i interact with them online. It looks like there are not horrible people working at Automattic! If you don’t believe me, check out this photo gallery I put together with all the group photos we took!

Bikini progessions. Bikini progressions?

Last year I took a couple of days off after my wedding. I went to the beach and took one photo of myself. I couldn’t even image at that time that 13 months later I’d take pretty much the same picture with the same bikini!

How weird – it looks like it’s bikini progressions time!

bikini progressions, body progressions, year comparison

So I found the two photos in my phone and got them together to compare them and check out how by body has changed over a year time.

Left picture is dated July 2015. Right picture is dated August 2016.

Can you spot any progression?

I can see better shredded shoulders and chest. I can also spot a bit of more skin in my belly on the left pic. I know I worked to make my abs more prominent over the last few months, though I don’t want it look like I have a bloated or fatty belly :(

I know I am very tough with myself, so I don’t see much progressions. On the contrary!

Taken in Sardinia, Italy

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