Plotting Again – A New Mystery Novel in Progress!

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This is the very first draft of my new mystery novel. Yes, I’m plotting again!

To be completely honest with you, this is a draft I jotted down when I was at Canary Island, during my winter break.

I loved the idea of my notes resting on my notebook for months, to check if that would still make sense. You know, if the plot still looks strong after many post-writing months it means it’s worth writing a mystery novel around.

It’s the first time since I started writing the Chase Williams detective series books that I took a 6 months off from writing. The last fiction-ish words I’ve written are those you can see in the picture above and I must confess that the benefits of this time off have been surprisingly huge. I might be blogging about this soon.

For the time being I’m focused on putting all the ideas into a well-structured kind of screenplay which I will be using later to start writing the real mystery novel.

I still don’t know whether it’s going to be a thriller, a classic cozy mystery or a crime story with a twist of something else. I’ve always thought that my crime stories have room for many contaminations, despite the labels and categories you have to attach to the books when it’s about to market them.

So, time will tell, but in the meantime enjoy the news: Chase is back to business!

Taken at London

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Pull the Trigger among the 50 Indie Books Worth Reading 2015

Indie Author Land has chosen my crime novel Pull the Trigger as one of the 50 Indie books worth reading in 2015.

Pull the Trigger, murder mystery series, cozy mystery book, books worth reading
I’m very very happy to announce that the famous indie and self-publishing website (formerly known as Indie Author Land) has a soft spot for my mystery and suspense stories! This year, Pull the Trigger, a Chase Williams Murder Mystery #2 has been chosen as one of the 50 self published books worth reading.

Last year my cozy mystery Into the Killer Sphere was included among the 50 indie books worth reading in 2014.

Have to say that comes partially unexpected. Whilst the readers of the website choose – amongst 1000+ books – their favourite that are going to compete for the final 50 spots, it’s up to the readers from all over the internet to cast their votes and express their appreciation towards one or more shortlisted books. I was so busy with my wedding and my everyday SEO job that I didn’t have one moment to ask my social media audience for a vote.

A BIG thanks to my mailing list crew

The people of my mailing list have massively voted for Pull the Trigger – as they did last year with Into the Killer Sphere. Writing a brief email to them was the only thing I did to get some votes for this competition. I feel so lucky to have such a solid fan base I can count on when it’s time to support me and Chase – I will never thank them enough for their love.

There’s something better than the TOP 10

Pull the Trigger ranks No40 in the top 50 of the overall chart and I’m so glad it didn’t reach the TOP 10.
You might think I’m crazy or jealous since I couldn’t climb higher than position 40? Nope. The reason why I’m happy to have reached the lowest position of the TOP 50 lies in the visibility opportunity of this chart.
Last year, Into the Killer Sphere almost made it, getting the No49 position out of 50. You can’t believe it, but that boosted my sales a lot.
Indie Author Land always shows the 50 indie books worth reading in the reverse sense, meaning that the lowest ranked books are the first ones visible by potential customers. As a matter of fact, Into the Killer Sphere was the second most seen book in the chart!
This year, Pull the Trigger is in the second page – let’s see how the visibility will impact my sales.

People love detective stories and mysteries set in Italy

Overall, I’m very glad to see that the Chase Williams murder mystery book series is having the success in terms of appreciation and sales I hope it would have some day. That pushes me even more to keep writing and add another book to the series as soon as possible.

The Chase Williams crime series books on Yelle Huges blog

It’s online my latest interview about Chase Williams and his crime series books.yelle huges, interview, chase williams, crime series books

This time the lovely fantasy author Yelle Huges takes the stage and asks me interesting questions about my characters, Tursenia and my everyday life as an expat in England as well as a writer.

The most interesting thing about this interview is the approach Yelle has towards my crime series books and therefore the original and funny questions originated by that.
Needless to say I had a great time talking to her on myself, Chase, Angelo and Tursenia.

Yelle has used the fictional character Reyna to kick the interview – another interesting element added up to the reading!
To close this quick introduction I have a little spoiler for you: I revealed a silly story about my childhood and my father’s favourite anectode about me when I was an avid child reader!

Click here to read Yelle’s interview about the Chase Williams crime series books!

More interviews and news to come soon!

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Find your fav fictional character in Shoreditch…

fictional characters, brick lane, shoreditch, london, Chase Williams

 Find your fav fictional characters. Chase Williams is coming soon!

Been in Shoreditch for a Saturday stroll with my hubby-to-be. I love Shoreditch’s street art, murales and the vibes of this coloured corner of London. By walking along Brick Lane, just right before the Allen Gardens, we stumbled upon this graffitti, picturing a number of heroes of my childhood. Hope one day (soon) also Chase Williams will be featured as an iconic fictional character!
Meanwhile, can you spot a character you know / you’re attached to?

Taken at Shoreditch, London

Detective Short Stories Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is out!

The book No3 of the detective short stories series featuring Chase Williams is now out and available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Stores

detective short stories cutting right to the chase vol.3 cover amazon

I’m very happy to announce that Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is now on Amazon. The winning formula of the flash fiction series has not been changed: 10 short stories about murder mysteries, criminal offences and unusual crimes happening in the sunny Tursenia, Italy.
Along those ten detective short stories, Chase deals with some mysteries and murders although he shouldn’t be involved. Even if Chase has been around the city for a while now, Inspector Angelo Alunni hasn’t quite got yet that his childhood friend is not a cop anymore, and has to be let alone. Chase can’t resist the mystery and crime’s call, though, and here he is – investigating murder cases and solving tricky masterminds and minor cases in plain clothes.

What’s new in the vol.3 of the Cutting Right to the Chase detective short stories?

There are ten new stories, new crime plots that have been solved.
The major news is related to Chase’s character, who unveils a little bit more of himself. If you’ve seen a thoughtful Chase with a logic mindset and cool blood, in this third volume of the flash fiction series you will find a more impetuous and dark Chase.
On the other hand, the formula of the 1000 word per story stays untouched, since it is a quite successful formula.

Where to find Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3?

As usual, these vol.3 of Chase’s detective short stories series is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store.

There is also a cool page that gathers together the three ebook of the flash fiction series – only available for a certain number of Kindle Stores for now, sorry about that.

There’s more to come! I’m plotting again!