It’s Mystery Monday interview again with Ally Shield

Paranormal author Ally Shield continues my Mystery Monday interview momentum!

mystery monday interview, chase williams, stefania mattanaThe lovely Ally Shields, who writes mainly paranormal and urban fantasy books, has a soft spot for fellow writers. Her interviews are very interesting and varied. She likes to show readers what’s behind a book cover and a story. When she asked me about interviewing me, I said yes straight away!

The interview went published on a Monday – that’s the Mystery Monday interview theme. Best selling and awarded author Christoph Fischer has recently interviewed me on a Monday too – here’s the interview if you missed it.

This time with Ally I talked about my writing cave and what’s boiling there. In fact, I’ve just finished the first draft of a short story, and I announced it in exclusive on her blog :)

Here’s a sneak peek of the interview – you can read the ‘hot’ part in Ally’s blog here.

What is your editing and publishing process? From the time you complete your first draft to its appearance at booksellers, what happens to your book?

STEF:  The process is pretty much the same for both the fiction (in English and Italian) and non fiction (in Italian only) I’ve written so far.

I normally write a first draft, then leave it alone for a couple of weeks. After some rounds of revisions (usually 2 or 3), I send it to my alpha reader Chiara, who is also the Italian translator of my mystery books. After she leaves her notes, the last draft goes to my editor Steph for the English version (I write in English and she edits what is too Italian). The final writing is pushed then to my beta readers, who read and review it. At this point the book is ready to be officially published and launched

Enjoy the entire interview at Ally Shield’s blog!

Mystery Monday interview

A nice reading whilst being on mobile – the Mystery Monday interview series featuring me.

mystery monday, interview, christoph fischer, interviews, stefania mattanaBest selling and awarded author Christoph Fischer (@CFFBooks in Twitter) has interviewed me on his blog in his new Mystery Monday interview series.
It’s not the first time that Christoph features me in his blog and, asks about my next projects and fun facts around Chase and his neighbourhood in Tursenia.

I found my interview being quite pleasant to read from a mobile device, whilst on the train or commuting, so if you have some spare time if when you’re out and about just go to Christoph’s blog and take a look at it!

Christoph’s Mystery Monday interview series features many other fellow authors, all diverse and with an interesting personal background. I reckon it’s kind of cool to know about other authors, and discover new books, new genres and new murder cases to (try to) crack.

Many thanks to Christoph for hosting me in his blog – Click here to read the interview!

If you;re just too curious and want to peep at it, here’s a quick preview of the interview:

What are you working on now?  

The first draft of the book No3 of the Chase Williams murder mystery stories is almost ready. I haven’t chosen a title yet, but get ready for ‘Murder of a suicidal’–or something like that. [continues here]

What would your friends say are your best and your oddest quality?

I asked the same question to my friends a while ago to filling up my About page. Turns out one of my strongest quality is the determination, whilst the oddest is… my size. In fact, I’m quite a tiny person and although I complain about that, I have to admit that sometimes it comes very useful!

You can find the rest of the chat here – Enjoy! 🗞📰

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Guest post: Secondary characters in fiction

I’ve written a guest post about secondary characters in fiction and why they’re so vital in any story.

secondary characters, batman robin meme

Eric J Gates hosts me in his brilliant thriller blog. I picked one of my favourite topic: secondary characters in fiction. In fact, there’s no Batman without Robin, no Harry without Ron & Hermione, no Sherlock without Watson. In fiction, endless examples of minor characters explain why main characters can’t survive without minor ones.

I listed a number of different reasons why readers love so much secondary characters and why authors need to take care about minor characters as much as the main heroes. This is a quick preview of my post on Eric’s blog.

Secondary characters provide tridimensionality.

My mystery stories would lose their genuine nature if I haven’t develop my main character’s neighbourhood, which is populated by typical Italian inhabitants and gives the reader a truly experience of Italy. The world around Chase Williams takes life not only with descriptions and colours, but also thanks to the background characters who talk and interact with him.
The only danger here is to fall into stereotypes, but that’s easily fixable by spending a bit of time defining the minor characters in details – doesn’t matter if you include all their specifications in your stories; once you have sketched the characters, you know what to say about them and what to elude.

In two sentences: background characters hold up the novels and allow readers to explore beyond the main plot. That is basically how spin-offs are created… and I guess I will talk about that very soon.

Meanwhile enjoy my guest post on Eric Gate’s blog!

The Chase Williams crime series books on Yelle Huges blog

It’s online my latest interview about Chase Williams and his crime series books.yelle huges, interview, chase williams, crime series books

This time the lovely fantasy author Yelle Huges takes the stage and asks me interesting questions about my characters, Tursenia and my everyday life as an expat in England as well as a writer.

The most interesting thing about this interview is the approach Yelle has towards my crime series books and therefore the original and funny questions originated by that.
Needless to say I had a great time talking to her on myself, Chase, Angelo and Tursenia.

Yelle has used the fictional character Reyna to kick the interview – another interesting element added up to the reading!
To close this quick introduction I have a little spoiler for you: I revealed a silly story about my childhood and my father’s favourite anectode about me when I was an avid child reader!

Click here to read Yelle’s interview about the Chase Williams crime series books!

More interviews and news to come soon!

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Detective Short Stories Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is out!

The book No3 of the detective short stories series featuring Chase Williams is now out and available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Stores

detective short stories cutting right to the chase vol.3 cover amazon

I’m very happy to announce that Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is now on Amazon. The winning formula of the flash fiction series has not been changed: 10 short stories about murder mysteries, criminal offences and unusual crimes happening in the sunny Tursenia, Italy.
Along those ten detective short stories, Chase deals with some mysteries and murders although he shouldn’t be involved. Even if Chase has been around the city for a while now, Inspector Angelo Alunni hasn’t quite got yet that his childhood friend is not a cop anymore, and has to be let alone. Chase can’t resist the mystery and crime’s call, though, and here he is – investigating murder cases and solving tricky masterminds and minor cases in plain clothes.

What’s new in the vol.3 of the Cutting Right to the Chase detective short stories?

There are ten new stories, new crime plots that have been solved.
The major news is related to Chase’s character, who unveils a little bit more of himself. If you’ve seen a thoughtful Chase with a logic mindset and cool blood, in this third volume of the flash fiction series you will find a more impetuous and dark Chase.
On the other hand, the formula of the 1000 word per story stays untouched, since it is a quite successful formula.

Where to find Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3?

As usual, these vol.3 of Chase’s detective short stories series is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store.

There is also a cool page that gathers together the three ebook of the flash fiction series – only available for a certain number of Kindle Stores for now, sorry about that.

There’s more to come! I’m plotting again!