• Good luck with Instagram, Chase/Stefania. I’m reluctant to venture into another social media avenue, but your photos of Italy might tempt me. And that hint about having a past life as a detective is intriguing.

    • Thanks, Maureen! You should totally sign up to Instagram too! It’s really easy to use, can be connected with FB and Twitter and visuals are always such fun! Think about it :)

    • Thanks Maureen! I found Instagram another wicked way to tell a story, although brief. You should definitely try – you’ll love it as an author!

  • Blakely

    All the social media options can be daunting. Greatest luck with your new endeavor!

    • You’re right Blakely, and I’m wise with that. G+, Twitter, Instagram and FB for me, Instagram and Twitter for Chase. I do not advertise books on Instagram, but keep it as a way for showing my (and Chase) readers the life beyond the covers.

      Not sure if that makes sense to you but thanks for making me think about that!

      • Blakely

        It sure does!

  • Followed! Welcome aboard. All those yummy food pics are already making me hungry!

  • Catherine Green

    Ooh, I am a little bit addicted to Instagram at the moment, I have followed you both! Sounds like a lot of work for you, Stefania, but quite fun.

    • Thanks, I’ve seen it!
      Naaaah, it’s not a lot of work. It’s all about planning ;)

      • Catherine Green

        Ah, planning is my challenge at the moment ;)

        • Nurture that, if you win the challenge you’ll be winning a precious skill ;)

  • Donna

    There ares some great opportunities for exposure, publicity, and marketing with Instagram. You just have to have an eye for the visual. I’m usually like “isn’t that pretty” walk away and then go “shoot that would have made a great picture” lol.

    • That is pretty much the spirit, Donna! Instagram the hell out of here, as long as it’s food and it’s cute. Haha!

  • Pandora Spocks

    I’m intrigued about how you use Instagram as an author. I’ll be interested to follow. :)

    • To be honest with you I’m not a ‘regular’ kind of author posting on Instagram. I prefer not to boost or promote my books, but show readers and users my life and what triggers my creativity. Hope that makes sense and you’d like to follow me anyway :)

  • Chris Rose

    You should let me put up my holiday photos of Cortona too. Talk about inspirational for writing… Sigh…

    • Hey mate, you know you’re always welcome to my blog as well! If you have photos to share, please be my guest! Not sire if you’re on Instagram yet but it’s something I do recommend you to do! ;)