Le Nozze Rosse su Amazon – una storia medievale con Raffaello Sanzio

Ho pubblicato un nuovo racconto breve, e stavolta è in italiano!
Si tratta della storia medievale “Le Nozze Rosse“, disponibile per Kindle su Amazon Store in tutto il mondo.

Vi presento “Le Nozze Rosse”

Prima di tutto, un po’ di sinossi, tanto per introdurre in generale il racconto:

storia medievale le nozze rosse con raffaello sanzio“Non puoi dare vita a un quadro se non conosci chi è morto per quello.”

Tradimenti, vendette e complotti tra casate rivali non sono nulla in confronto al sangue versato quando le lotte per il potere sono intra familiari. Ne sa qualcosa Donna Atalanta di Perugia, che nel 1500 ha commissionato la famosa Pala Baglioni a un giovane pittore di nome Raffaello Sanzio.

Il dietro le quinte della celebre Deposizione Borghese, ora ospitata nella villa omonima in Roma, viene raccontata da una voce particolare che affianca Raffaello durante la composizione dell’opera d’arte. Ciò che è successo nelle famigerate Nozze Rosse di Perugia è la sanguinosa genesi di questo magnifico dipinto.

Le Nozze Rosse è una breve storia d’arte che ha come protagonista la città alter ego di Tursenia, dove sono ambientati i gialli e i racconti polizieschi di Chase Williams. Un tuffo nella pittura e nella narrativa storica, con un pizzico di mistero.

Il particolare punto di vista de Le Nozze Rosse

In questo racconto breve mi sono cimentata con una particolare voce narrante, che non è la solita terza persona onnisciente a cui mi affido spesso.
Questa volta, il narratore – o meglio, la narratrice – è la stessa pala che Raffaello dipinge mentre la storia si sviluppa e spiega le motivazioni per cui la nobildonna Atalanta Baglioni ha chiesto a Raffaello Sanzio di creare l’opera d’arte.

Non abbandonando totalmente la mia vena di giallista, lo stesso ‘dietro le quinte’ della pala ha molti elementi di giallo, mistero e suspense, giusto per rimanere in linea con i libri polizieschi di Chase Williams.

Tursenia e Chase nella mia storia medievale

Non poteva mancare un cammeo di Chase ne Le Nozze Rosse, anche per dare un senso di continuità a un racconto che per ora non ha nessun seguito – ma sto pensando di scriverne altri sulla storia di Tursenia.
E infatti, visto che la città di Tursenia è uno dei cuori pulsanti delle storie di giallo e mistero di Chase Williams, ho deciso di raccontare proprio un fatto che è accaduto nel luogo fisico più vicino al borgo medievale che nella fiction ho chiamato Tursenia e che, per l’appunto, esiste davvero e ha una storia ultra millenaria!

Cosa dicono i lettori de Le Nozze Rosse

Per ora dicono tutti cose buone! Nella scheda prodotto sul mio sito potete trovare qualche stralcio di recensione estrapolata da Amazon. Qualcuno ha già chiesto la traduzione in inglese, e ci sto lavorando su.

Le Nozze Rosse aspetta i lettori appassionati di arte, lettura e pittura di tutto il mondo su Amazon. 


Vol2 Chase’s short stories online everywhere

The Vol.2 of Chase’s short stories Cutting Right to the Chase is now available for any kind of ebook readers.

You know I interrupted my exclusivity deal with Amazon Kindle Store for Volume1 of the detective short stories collection Cutting Right to the Chase? I have set also the Volume 2 free, so now it’s available for all the kind of e-readers and file formats too.

Here are the main online ebook stores where you can purchase Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2:

cutting right to the chase, short stories available on kindle, nook, smashwords, ibook store

I couldn’t leave Cutting Right to the Chase Vol1 on Smashwords, Kobo etc alone, sitting on a shelf on its own without its siblings. Once the No2 Book’s deal with Amazon has expired, I didn’t renew it and published it everywhere.

The experiment on the other retail stores is in progress. It’s quite fascinating to see how readers relate with this kind of short stories both on the international and Italian ebook market. Behaviours vary from platform to platform, whether it is Kobo, Nook, Smashwords or whatnot – they all show different patterns from the ‘regular’ Amazon Kindle’s reader of my detective short stories series.

A more detailed list of the retailers where to but Cutting Right to the Chase is available on the short stories’ product page on my website

Chase’s Flash Fiction Vol.1 on sale everywhere on the web!

The Flash Fiction Vol.1 of the Cutting Right to the Chase detective short stories is on the market in every online ebook stores of the web.

After many months of tests and doubts, I rescinded my exclusivity deal with Amazon Kindle Store and decided to give the other online ebook stores a go.

Here are the main stores where you can buy Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.1 (and this is the detailed product page of the book):

chase williams, flash fiction, detective short stories, cutting right to the chase vol.1

Why the other ebook retailers?

My very first experience with Smashwords, Kobo and company hasn’t been too bad after all. In fact, when I published the Italian translation of the Cutting Right to the Chase saga, Dritto al Punto, Chase! I thought of not selling them on Amazon Kindle Store only, and instead opening the market to other resellers.

Since the Italian ebook market is quite different from the international one, as it’s less dominated by Amazon and with Kobo, Nook and Smashwords in a positive up trend, I wanted to walk every profitable paths.

I can’t complain about my choice: at the moment, the overall turnover on Amazon is still the double of the other stores combined, however some days the peaks of sales on certain non-Amazon stores (such as iBook) are quite remarkable and are worth investigating.

What about Kindle KU?

KU stands for Kindle Unlimited and it’s a very nice program any Amazon user can subscribe to. The subscribers can read up to ten ebooks at a time without buying them. Like a library, you can ‘borrow’ the titles from the KU books gallery by paying less than £10 per month. Cool, isn’t it?

As an avid reader myself, I reckon that KU is a brilliant way of saving money and discovering new authors and titles. In fact, the traditional publishers are getting into KU pretty gradually, therefore the KU catalogue is plenty of indie authors and self publishers – and most of them are quite good writers.

Economically speaking, from an authorship point of view, KU has got some turnaround when it’s about flash fiction.
The royalties payment of the titles listed on the KU catalogue are different from the ‘regular’ Amazon royalties. The KU system is designed to reward long length novels, whilst the flash fiction isn’t really paying off from a ROI point of view.
I talked about KU and flash fiction also in an interview for the Aussie Overland website.

That’s why I decided to keep my long length mystery stories – the cozy mystery novella Into the Killer Sphere and the murder mystery story Pull the Trigger – enrolled in the KU program. That grants me also an exclusivity deal with Amazon. For what concerns my short stories, I published the vol.1 of Chase’s flash fiction series also in other online ebook stores, as I’m announcing with this post :D

This way, if my data projection is correct, I will be having a slight improvement both in sales and book’s visibility. In fact, not the 100% of my detective short stories’ potential audience reads on Kindle devices. I see this new chapter of Cutting Right to the Chase vol.1 as a way of broadening my audience and spreading the word about the Chase Williams flash fiction series.
Let’s see how things are going to roll from now on :)

Have you got any experience as a reader or writer in other online ebook retailers a part from Amazon? Would you’d like to share it? I look forward to hear your thoughts and learn something more about that!

7 life changing goals I achieved in 2014

2014 has been a golden year for me as I’ve managed to achieve a number of life changing goals in the past 12 months.

life changing goals, goals achieved, achievements, hero, good intentions

I skipped writing down my annual good intentions in early January 2014, but maybe that’s what made it such a lucky and memorable year for me.

The life changing goals that I managed to achieve affected both my personal and professional life in fantastic ways.

Here are 7 of my most memorable achievements from 2014.

1. Back to workout

I’m finally back to doing my workouts again. The doctors have allowed me to lift weights and take regular trips to the gym, but I still have to avoid impact exercises like running. If you can recall my endless injury, you’ll know that it’s pretty clear that it doesn’t matter if I still can’t run, the main achievement is that I’m moving my body again.

I joined the gym at the end of August when my body weight was 43 kg (94 pounds) and I felt pretty powerless. My muscles were “asleep”. Over the next 6 weeks I managed to gain 2.5 cm (almost one inch) in my arms, 1 cm (0.3 inches) on my legs and hips, and I lost 1 cm (0.3 inches) on my waist. After 4 months I had gained a whole 5 kg (105 pounds) of muscle and I now have enough strength to lift a handbag and place it into an aircraft luggage compartment. I feel better, I’m happier, and most of all I haven’t lost the hope that I can eventually return to running again.

2. I switched jobs

left my Running Jedi role at Decathlon to become the SEO Lead for Wauwaa, an online destination for new parents and growing families. I got the job thanks to a collaboration of my personal achievements as a mystery fiction author and self-publisher (see below), and the fact that I acted so natural because I had no idea that one of my interviewers was the CEO himself.

3. Books, books, books (and ebooks)

Not only have I managed to read almost one book a week, but I’ve also achieved great goals as a mystery fiction author too. Only a year after my first flash fiction experiment with my detective (super) short stories collection, I’ve written and published many more books. After Cutting Right to the Chase and Into the Killer Sphere were published,  2014 saw Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2 and Pull the Trigger on the Amazon Kindle Store.

And I’m proud to say that my audience received my titles very well. I’m particularly impressed by the reviews that Pull the Trigger received after less than one month of publication. 50 reviews (and counting!), all with 4 – 5 stars ratings. What a great success. And what does an author want more other than to get back to the writing desk to craft another success? Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is in progress already.

4. Leading a team

At Wauwaa my role not only revolves around SEO. I also manage the copywriting team and I’m heavily involved in the product creation process in the ecommerce area. It’s more of a covering role, but it’s a responsibility that I’m more than happy to have taken on. The copywriting team is made up of a small group of extremely talented and young individuals.

My role not only requires me to manage and coordinate other employees and resources, but also puts me in the spotlight as a role model for these awesome youngsters. I must admit that it’s not a walk in the park, but that’s what pushes me to be balanced in my decisions and choices. They watch and learn from me every day. 

5. (re)discovering Yoga

Yoga plays a crucial part in my long recovery from my injury as the weights workout at the gym make my muscle fibres stronger, but shorter and less flexible. Every time I end a yoga session I feel emotionally drained but Yoga is a discipline that “opens” the body and the mind, bringing myself to a deeper level of consciousness. Sometimes though I hate yoga for that very reason: what you see and feel when you practice yoga is – more than often – what you have been running away from during the whole week prior.

6. Embracing positivity

I’m sorry to say that I’ve recently been hanging around some pretty negative people, which have influenced my point of view. My focus of 2014 has been to “clean up” and review my perspectives, embracing positivity. I must say that seeing the glass half full is quite a tough exercise, although very useful in many aspects of my life, especially work.

7. Planning a new future

The above achievements, and many others not mentioned, have determined that my London settling-in phase is now officially closed. Franz and I came here in the UK determined but unsure of what we would eventually find. Now that I have found what I have been looking for, and I’ve nailed my goals, it’s time to unlock some more achievements, plan more, and go ever further. Look out 2015, here I come!

What about your 2014? Have you managed to achieve some life changing goals throughout the year?

Mal d’aria, Chase Williams torna in Inghilterra / Airsick, Chase’s back to UK

Chase Williams Airsick planeÉ passato un po’ di tempo dal suo primo Natale a Tursenia, e Chase Williams è tornato in Inghilterra per il matrimonio della sua amica Laura.
Niente morti, testimoni o misteri da risolvere, stavolta: Chase si trova a gestire una piccola tragedia (che non aveva calcolato) a 10 mila piedi dalla terraferma e una valigia smarrita.

Mentre Cutting Right To The Chase e Into The Killer Sphere stanno per vedere la luce su Amazon – e a breve rivelerò anche le copertine – ho pensato di aprire un’altra finestra su Chase, giusto per farvelo conoscere un po’ meglio prima del suo debutto definitivo.

Dietro ogni scrittore c’è sempre un team, perché scrivere, alla fine, è sempre un gioco di squadra, come tutte le cose della vita. Ebbene, stavolta devo ringraziare mia sorella che mi ha fornito la storia (vera) del bagaglio. Inoltre, devo un grande grazie ai miei due angeli custodi: la mia amica di sempre Chiara (che, lo confesso, ha praticamente letto già tutto il leggibile di Chase e co. e si è innamorata dell’Ispettore Angelo Alunni) e Martina Munzittu: convivere con Chase a volte è difficile, ma loro sanno sempre come girare le difficoltà e le rotture di scatole in uno slancio di positività.

Per chi ancora non l’avesse scoperto, ricordo che potete trovare Chase anche sul suo profilo Twitter. Seguitelo!

Airsick” (ossia “Mal d’aria”) invece lo trovate sul sito web di Chase Williams.

Buona lettura gente!

It’s been a a while since Chase Williams‘s first Christmas in Tursenia. Now Chase has returned to England for few days because of his dear friend Laura’s wedding.
No dead people or mysteries to solve this time: Chase has to deal with a little, not calculated tragedy below 10,000 feet and a lost luggage.

While Cutting Right To The Chase and Into The Killer Sphere are going to see the light of day – and I’ll shortly reveal their covers – I thought to open another window on Chase’s life, just to let you know a little more about him before his definitive Amazon debut.

Behind every writer there is always a team, because writing is always a team play stuff, like all the good things in life. Well, this time I have to thank my sister who gave me the (true) story of the lost luggage. Also, I owe a big thank to my two guardian angels: my childhood friend Chiara (who, I must confess, has practically already read all the readable of Chase and co. and has definitely fallen in love with Inspector Angelo Alunni) and Martina Munzittu: living with Chase sometimes is not easy, but they always know how to turn the worries and drags in sparkles of positivity.

You can  find Chase on his Twitter profile, if you want. Follow it!

You can also find “Airsick” on Chase Williams’ s website.

Happy reading chaps!