My mother is 60 and you wouldn’t believe it

Exactly what I meant in the title. My mother is 60 today, and if you look at her in the picture below you wouldn’t bet one penny that she’s already 60 years old.

my mother is 60, happy birthday mother

I can hear my mother saying: “Eeeeek, that picture makes me look so ugly!” Well, I really like this picture, deal with it, dear mother!

I hope I’ll age so well too, but I’m afraid I took more genes from my father side, my sister will get a better chance though :D

All right, now that we have all see how much younger my mother looks like, let’s celebrate her.

Mother, not mummy

My mother’s name is Patrizia, she’s the fourth of seven siblings.
I call my mother mother, all the times. Last Christmas she complained about that, she told she’d love for once if I call her ‘mamma’ (mummy).
I’ll phone her today and I’ll never call her mother. Promise.

The fact the I address her that way is a great sign of respect from my end, but since today it’s her birthday, I’ll make an exception. You don’t celebrate your 60th birthday everyday, do you?

My mother is…

My mother is 60, and is also a lot of many many MANY other things. She has a lot of hobbies and she doesn’t like getting bored. She often complains that she’s tired, but she’s always around making, cooking, saying, crafting, doing. What a pinball!

I resemble my mother

mother and I 1987

Mother and I in 1987. Mother was pregnant of my sister Sara. As you can see I’ve always been a smiling person.

Yeah, maybe I don’t look like her (you should see my sister, on the other hand! They look a lot alike!), but we have many things in common. We’ve fought a lot when I was younger, probably also because we’re similar in so many ways.

She (and my father) instilled in me the sense of the hardworking and dedication in everything I do. She taught me to respect people and always keep my dignity.
One of the greatest things I took from her is the compassion and sympathy she always shows towards the others. Without these, she couldn’t be able to be the amazing nurse everybody in my city appreciate. She lost her dad (my granpa) when she was 19. My younger uncle was only 8 years old when it happened, and probably (I think) that pushed her to be a nurse.

She’s been managing many wards at the city hospital, and every time she left a ward, people missed her. She can be very strict and tough sometimes (don’t tell me about that!), but without discipline and respect from the others, you cannot manage a hospital ward, or a family – or have loyal friends around you.
I treat everything that happens in my life with the same attitude my mother uses to run their wards – which is a good and a bad thing for me ;)

My mother is tech savvy

my mother with her sister, mother snapchat

My mother likes Snapchat

Even if she hasn’t quite understood what I do for a living, my mother is 60 and is not a tech klutz at all. Sometimes she may not get something specific, but she’s completely capable of using a mobile device or a computer by herself, keep them updated and solve everyday issues that may happen.

She likes selfies a lot, and I’m so glad when she sends them to me, so I can tease her :P

My mother is on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram. We even have a family group where we chat on a daily basis (mostly about food!).

I’m not one of those kids that put a privacy filter on what they publish, so my parents can’t see them – I’m not a kid anymore! I thank the Internet and the social media everyday, because they shorten the distances.

When I was at the uni, there wasn’t anything else, a part from the (expensive) phone, that I could use to keep in touch with my distant family and friends. Now it sounds like Italy is just around the corner :)

My mother is 60 and I miss her a lot

</tough reality moment>
My parents are not going to be here forever. At some point, they’ll die and I’ll be alone dealing with everything, and the world will fall down on me.
</tough reality moment>

I can’t believe my mother is 60 today, and I’m not there with her to celebrate. That makes me think on how many things I’m missing out about my loved ones, because they’re far away from me. I love living in the UK, but sometimes it gets tough.

She and my father are coming to visit me and husband next month, and I am really looking forward to it.
I know that shortly after we’ll find something to fight about, but that’s pretty normal, isn’t that? :D

My mother and I are not very vocal in expressing our feelings for each other – we just ask each other if we have eaten properly.

I couldn’t have wanted a better mother than her. I’m so lucky and blessed, and honoured to be her elder daughter. She looked after me and made me the proud person I am now.
I hope to be able to celebrate her next 60 birthdays, at the very least.

I promise I’ll take more selfies with my mother.

Happy birthday, mamma.


#franzstefwed, we got married!

wedding, got married, celebrations, bride, groom, sardinia, no white wedding dress, coloured wedding dress

After some months of wedding preps, July 11th was the day we got married!

This is it people! Franz and I finally got married.
We managed to gather lots of people we love in beautiful Sardinia to celebrate our wedding.

The ceremony

It had been really funny and everybody laughed. This is good when you think people would cry for the emotion. I mean – we got married, it’s a happy event, so we didn’t want people to cry no matter what!

The lunch/party was glorious.

The food was gorgeous and our guests were very pleased and left the tables with their tummies full and tight (someone also lost couple of buttons from his shirt – they literally exploded, lol).

The after party had been epic.

A part from the funny bouquet throwing moment, here are some of the feedback we gathered the day after we got married:
“Pure amusement”
“One of the best day of my life” (and that wasn’t the groom!)
“I haven’t had such a great time for years.”
“The best wedding I’ve ever attended so far.”
“Why didn’t you introduce [name] to me earlier?”
“You guys know wonderful and interesting people.”
“I want to come to London asap.”
“We need to sort out a meet up/reunion at every wedding anniversary of yours.”

People coming from different places, backgrounds and phases of our lifes were there together interacting and having a blast as if they met years ago for the first time.

Time flew during our wedding but glad to have enjoyed every single moment of this glorious day.

Oh, and also the rings carrier looked pretty smart, don’t you think?
#wedding dress preps also for the rings carrier. Looks like he's going to be very smart! #chihuahua

Thanks to everyone who attended our wedding and I hope the people who couldn’t make it had the chance enjoy a bit of that through the pics and video tagged on social networks with the hashtag #franzstefwed.

To infinity and beyond! May the Force be with you ❤️

Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia

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Details of my outfit:
Hair – Vittorio Sorba
Makeup – Marzia Brotzu
Dress – Ela Siromashenko
Shoes – LK Bennett

Details of Franz’s outfit:
Hair and beard – Candice Zen Hair
Suit and shirt – TM Lewin
Tie – Missoni
Shoes and belt – Paul Smith