Top 9 things I lived and learnt in 2016

While everyone is welcoming the upcoming 2017 and blaming the 2016 for all the people who have died during these last 12 months, I’ve made a sum up of the top 9 things that happened to me in 2016.

top 9 things 2016

That’s the Instagram’s Best Nine. Well, no pics about me? Guh!

So here are my top 9 things I chose as highlights of my 2016!

Many other great things have happened during this 2016. It’s been an amazing year for me, I can’t complain at all!

When reading my first post of the 2016 about avoiding proposition, there’s something I’d like to underline:

In the picture above there are the 9 most liked pictures on Instagram in 2015. They reflect well what my year has just been: travelling, working on myself, never giving up, coming back to running, eating, drinking tons of coffee and loving all things beautiful in the world.

That’s exactly what happened on this 2016 too. I hope my 2017 will enhance all of this, and will push even more out of my comfort zone. I want to learn new skills, visit new countries, get stronger, write more, spend more time with my loved ones, and enjoy life.

I wish you all a fantastic, happy and healthy 2017 full of all the things you’d like! Stay strong, live your life at full and don’t be discouraged by the bad times – good times are always around the corner!

Christmas in Rome: an Instagram Stories Documentary

Franz and I flew to Italy to spend a nice Christmas in Rome with our combined families. Since it was the first time we did it, and also the first time we cooked a holiday meal(s) for them, I decided to use the technology to provide documentary evidence of what happened.

Christmas in rome, instagram stories, christmas documentary, family, italy

Spoiler alert: Families voted the Christmas lunch I cooked, and luckily the result is a full 10. Phew! 😅

The best tool I thought of for keeping track of the food prepping and all the other shenanigans in real time was Instagram Stories. It works pretty much like Snapchat, with the huge difference that (many) people actually comment, reply and ping me every time I upload a photo or a video.

Since the Instagram Stories last only 24 hours, but I wanted to keep the memory of that glorious Christmas in Rome and Christmas epic win, I downloaded the whole story of Dec 25th and made it a video of out it. Here it is!

I hope you enjoyed it :)
Do you have any social media evidence to share that proofs your Christmas epic win?

Taken at Rome, Italy
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Wedding anniversaries #1

Wedding anniversaries – this is the N01 of the series.

Today Franz and I day celebrate our first year together as husband and wife. The first pic I recalled about the wedding event and the party was this one:

wedding anniversaries, gin

Franz made a lovely pics collage on Instagram, though. Here it is:

One year ago! ❤️ #franzstefwed

A post shared by Franz Vitulli (@franzvitulli) on

I can’t believe one year has gone already. Time flies man.
My hangover is still ongoing ❤️

If I go back in time and think about my relationships with weddings… lol. To me, weddings have always meant fancy dresses and good food in large amount of quantities – oh, and murder mysteries.
A couple of years ago I’d never thought of me getting married. Yet, Franz made the miracle. Here we go, celebrating our wedding anniversary.

We’re getting lots of love and congratulations from family, colleagues and friends. Such celebrations and anniversaries remind me how blessed we are to have many lovely people around, who are so happy for us about our happiness. Well, we love them back.

I hope this will be the first of a long, long series of Franz and Stef’s wedding anniversaries.

#franzstefwed #wedding #anniversary

Taken at ristorante Ai monti del Gennargentu, Nuoro
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Happy Birthday to my dog Giuliano! ❤️

#HappyBirthday, dog, Giuliano, chihuahua

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, naughty, sweet, clever and loving dog ever lived on this planet.

Today this tiny little fella turns 7. I can’t believe nearly 7 years have passed since the first time I met his big big eyes.

I really can’t wait to be with him again.
There is no day I don’t miss him badly.
There is no dog I cross my glance with that doesn’t remind me of him.

Love you Giuliano! ❤️

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