Christmas in Rome: an Instagram Stories Documentary

Franz and I flew to Italy to spend a nice Christmas in Rome with our combined families. Since it was the first time we did it, and also the first time we cooked a holiday meal(s) for them, I decided to use the technology to provide documentary evidence of what happened.

Christmas in rome, instagram stories, christmas documentary, family, italy

Spoiler alert: Families voted the Christmas lunch I cooked, and luckily the result is a full 10. Phew! 😅

The best tool I thought of for keeping track of the food prepping and all the other shenanigans in real time was Instagram Stories. It works pretty much like Snapchat, with the huge difference that (many) people actually comment, reply and ping me every time I upload a photo or a video.

Since the Instagram Stories last only 24 hours, but I wanted to keep the memory of that glorious Christmas in Rome and Christmas epic win, I downloaded the whole story of Dec 25th and made it a video of out it. Here it is!

I hope you enjoyed it :)
Do you have any social media evidence to share that proofs your Christmas epic win?

Taken at Rome, Italy
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My Thanksgiving thought for my parents

I know Thanksgiving doesn’t belong to my culture, though I’m happy to be thankful for those two.

a thought for my parents

Not all my friends still have the bless of enjoying their parents at my age, so I cherish every single moment I can spend with them.
Since Thanksgiving is a great moment to spend some time to be grateful over all the things we have in our lives, I have a thought for my parents and my sister, since I’m very proud of her.
I’m grateful for all they taught to me and for their unconditional love.

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Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia

Visited Hopper exhibition in Bologna

My mother, my sister and I were talking about sorting out a holiday in New York City, when I told them that one of the things I’d like to see in NYC is the Hopper’s museum.

By saying that I recalled that I never posted here the picture I took inside a Hopper’s paint when I visited the Hopper exhibition in Bologna back last July. I was off from WordCamp Europe, so I took a little detour from Austria to Italy on my way back to the UK.

Visited Hopper exhibition in Bologna. I love #Hopper and I got moved by the beauty of his art. Worth travelling here, and Bologna is a lovely city! By the way, this is me embedded in a famous Hopper picture!

I love Hopper a lot, and I found this Hopper exhibition really good.
I got moved by the beauty of his art. It was really worth travelling there, even because I managed to hang out with my sister and mother for a couple of days.
On top of this, Bologna is a lovely city!

In the picture above there’s me embedded in a famous Hopper’s picture! I look nice in there, don’t I?

Taken at Palazzo Fava, Bologna, Italy
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Missing family – Nostalgia

It doesn’t matter how much I love living in London, and the fact that I live out of Sardinia, far from my family, for 13 years now. Sometimes I have nostalgia, and I just find myself missing family – parents, grandmother, etc.

But I figured out how to get rid of this nostalgia right away.. a part from quibbling with my mother on the phone about anything and everything, I mean.

missing family, nostalgia, family selfies

You can’t have everything in life… So I every time I go home in Sardinia I bring back home with me a number of selfies with my family, since I can’t bring them with me.

I know Giuliano is missing in the pictures above, but don’t worry – even if he’s not pictured in them, he was always with us :)

Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy
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It’s my birthday! (again!)

It's my birthday

It’s my birthday today, and it looks like my husband knows how to wish me #happybirthday on Instagram #luckygirl 🎂

This is the text @franzvitulli Instagram post @franzvitulli with @repostapp.
The kind of wife that cooks the best carbonara in the world, manages to stay super-fit yet eating 3 pizzas in one go whenever she’d like to, watches superhero / sci-fi / tarantino-y movies (to name some) with you instead of those BS romantic comedies, can talk about Star Wars plots and implications for hours, would rather have a rare florentine steak instead of cake (or instead of “just a salad”, for that matter), and never says ‘no’ to a double scotch. Everybody deserves someone like her in their life, but sorry, good luck with your search, this one’s taken 😎 Happy birthday, @eraniapinnera!

Taken at London, United Kingdom
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