The day after leg day be like…

The day after leg day be like… bruises everywhere on my legs!

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I know I should use long socks when deadlifting, but I prefer wearing tights as I don’t feel comfortable in shorts. So that’s the result – signs and bruises every day after a leg day!

This picture was shot when I landed in Bergamo for WordCamp Milano last October, but trust me – nothing has changed since then, every leg day leaves me the same memories on my shins 😅

Well, can you caption this pic better than I did? I challenge you ;)

#deadlift #bruise #fun #passion #gainz #girlsthatlift #girlsthatliftheavy

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Taken at Milano Orio al Serio International Airport


Nice to be back home in Sardinia

back home, sardinia, home sardiania, sea, sun, warm, paradise

It’s nice to be back home in Sardinia.

Beautiful sea and warm temperatures, this place it’s such a paradise!
Wedding is approaching and I definitely cannot feel stressed out with this stunning view.

Taken in Sardinia, North East Coast

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