Happy St Patrick’s day!

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Happy St Patrick’s day!
How does an Italian celebrate St Patrick’s day? With a green broccoli pasta! 🍀🍝
Beer’s on a side – you can’t see it but it’s here! 🍺
PS: have you spotted the bacon? 🐽 buon appetito!

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The time I baked a salmon, a huge one

My sister came to visit us in Reading. We had such a great time together and she was very pleased to be our very first guest in our new awesome house.

So on the Saturday morning we went to the gigantic Tesco close to our place as my sister and I love doing groceries together. There we had the crazy idea of baking a salmon on a salt crust.
Franz, she and I have already baked a big sea bass on Christmas Eve for our families, and it went very well.

Since there wasn’t a sea bass big enough to feed us, we went for a salmon. On the other hand, the smallest salmon available was 2.8kg. We said – why not? We can work out the leftover, can’t we?

So here I am, flexing my biceps with a fish.

I baked a salmon, big fish, big salmon, baking a salmon

This little 2.8kg fella was about to go to the oven under a thick coat of salt and herbs.
The salmon wasn’t very keen on going into the oven, as you can see from its and my expression below.

salmon, stef, big fish, big salmonsalmon, stef, big fish, big salmon

Eventually I baked the salmon, and my guests didn’t leave many leftover for the Sunday lunch. I managed to make some pasta with the salmon left, though.
They told me it was veeeeery good! Too bad I couldn’t taste it due to allergy alert 🚨

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Comfort food when it’s freezing outside

There’s nothing better that a nice plate of comfort food when the storm is blowing outside. And trust me – it’s getting freezing day by day! I know it’s November and it’s supposed to be cold, but MAN if it’s COLD! 😱

There's nothing better that a nice plate of comfort food when the storm is blowing outside 🍲🌬❄️#buonappetito #pastifrugali
That’s basmati brown rice with turmeric and mixed vegetables. It would go for a soup too, but still – that’s super yummy, warm and comforting.

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Taken at London, United Kingdom