The importance of the group photos at my Automattic annual meet up

The Automattic Grand Meetup has been a grand success for me. Being almost 498 Automatticians gathered in Whistler, BA, Canada, for one week has definitely paid off for me in terms of many aspects.

Automattic photo 2016 Whistler, group photos

I dare you to find myself in here. Photo by Donncha Ó Caoimh

The workshops and the classes we attended during the retreat are going to have a huge impact in my daily job. We’re there together to have fun, to better know each other, and to learn something new that maybe we don’t have time to expand or study during your daily routine workload.

Group photos = good energy to bring home

Mostly, what I’m going to keep and treasure from now till the next meetup with my colleagues are the group photos we took.
It might sound a bit silly, but I do see a great value in the group photos.
As we work remotely, we never (or rarely) see each other – and the weekly video chats don’t count much.
Being together and feeling the need to shoot group pics is a healthy feedback for the teams.

Whenever I feel alone, working in my daily routine, or in distress because there’s no one online and I need help with an issue, I can have a look at those pics and not feel the burden of this anymore.

One of the main takeaways of this meetup is the energy and the positive vibes I’m bringing home. The people I work with are even kinder and nicer than when i interact with them online. It looks like there are not horrible people working at Automattic! If you don’t believe me, check out this photo gallery I put together with all the group photos we took!

Fit-o-mattic at Automattic Grand Meetup

We have a Slack channel at Automattic where we talk about all the things fitness. There are a lot of coworkers who are passionate about fitness, however when heading to our annual meet up I wasn’t expecting people to actually show up at the gym.

The moment you do stretching in your balcony with 10C outside because it's late! 😱 #a8cgm Glad to see a lot of Automatticians working out and keeping active also in here. 💪🏻Working out and doing routines is more about being alone – something that doesn’t match 100% the spirit of a company meet up – staying all together as much as we can. We all work remotely so this Grand Meetup is the only time of the year where we’re all gathered together in the same place. And it lasts only 7 days!

I was so pleasantly surprised to see a lot of my coworkers coming over to the gym, even for a quick running or a HIIT routine just before breakfast. People can also go out for a proper run, playing tennis or doing yoga.

I chatted a bit with some of my colleagues I didn’t know in person, right in front of the smith machine, alternating each other during squat reps. It’s been particularly nice for me, as sport is very important for me and it had (and still has) a huge impact in my personal and professional development  :)

And then, I ended up rushing to my room to cool down after the routine. This is the moment when I did stretching in my balcony with 10C outside because I was tragically late for my second breakfast! 😱

I am so glad to see a lot of Automatticians working out and keeping active also in here. 💪🏻

If you’re thinking that all is totally awesome, you’ve got to also know that we’re hiring.

Taken at The Westin Resort & Spa Whistler

Welcome to Whistler, BC

whistler, stunning view, british columbia, canada

Woke up a couple of hours ago and saw this from my room balcony. This is Whistler, 2 hours by car from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

It’s chilly outside and rather gorgeous #whistler #canada 🇨🇦🏔