Visited Hopper exhibition in Bologna

My mother, my sister and I were talking about sorting out a holiday in New York City, when I told them that one of the things I’d like to see in NYC is the Hopper’s museum.

By saying that I recalled that I never posted here the picture I took inside a Hopper’s paint when I visited the Hopper exhibition in Bologna back last July. I was off from WordCamp Europe, so I took a little detour from Austria to Italy on my way back to the UK.

Visited Hopper exhibition in Bologna. I love #Hopper and I got moved by the beauty of his art. Worth travelling here, and Bologna is a lovely city! By the way, this is me embedded in a famous Hopper picture!

I love Hopper a lot, and I found this Hopper exhibition really good.
I got moved by the beauty of his art. It was really worth travelling there, even because I managed to hang out with my sister and mother for a couple of days.
On top of this, Bologna is a lovely city!

In the picture above there’s me embedded in a famous Hopper’s picture! I look nice in there, don’t I?

Taken at Palazzo Fava, Bologna, Italy
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