My First Automattic Christmas party

I was looking forward to this event since I started working at Automattic last June. Eventually, December arrived and it comes also the time to enjoy my company annual Christmas party!

My first Automattic Christmas party
My first Automattic Christmas party was such a blast! I had the pleasure to meet up with some of the Automatticians living in the UK. Another bunch of us had a very cool Christmas party in London too, but I couldn’t attend to that one :( They had a nice lunch and then went to a bowling place.

On the other hand, we went ice skating! Last time I tried ice skating was nearly 10 years ago! Saying that I had the best time on the ice rink with my colleagues does not even remotely explain how happy I was in there. I feel like I was born on the ice. Some of my fellow Automatticians had a bit of troubles on the ice, so Rachel (on the pic above bottom right) and I tried to help them out. It turned out I was very useless when trying to aid my friends. Here’s a bad video shot by me whilst skating – it was also on my Instagram stories.

At some point I dared to attempt an angel figure on the ice, with one of my leg flexed out first, then bent over toward my back. I succeeded! I was pretty proud of myself, and my core and stabilising muscles. After the bad injury I had a few years ago I’d never dreamt of performing something like that ❤️
Too bad no one saw my exercise, a part from a couple of guys who applauded me. Better than nothing!

Then we head over Mother India cafe, where we had a lot of good Indian food. The funny thing was the service. It looked like the staff had no clue about what we ordered and to whom to deliver the food. To be honest, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t be able to handle it better, since we were a group of thirty people spread out into two long tables, all cheering and laughing out loud.

The cherry on top was when the lightbulbs in the room started exploding for some reasons, and then a waiter made a tall pile of dishes crash on the ground. It was like we were on Candid Camera, but the food was utterly excellent, so thumbs up!

Edinburgh has been the perfect setting for a lovely evening with the best people.

As a nice side note, the afternoon I arrived in Edinburgh I also met up with my cousin Antonella who moved there last August from sunny Sardinia. It looks like she’s settled there well and I’m happy about it. This is a (rough) pic we took just before having haggis, one of the most delicious food on Earth (that’s why I’m smiling with all my teeth!)
Me, Franz and cousin Antonella in Edinbugh

And if you think that was the end of the fun, think again. The day after the Automattic Christmas party I headed to Matlock, Derbyshire, for the annual Human Made Christmas dinner. I wasn’t the only Automattician invited, as my the girlfriend of my colleague Jack, Daisy, works at Human Made together with my husband Franz (of course plus ones were welcomed in both dinners).
That was my second Human Made Christmas party, and as always it’s been a pleasure to meet up with people I can call family already.

Everybody was dressed smart casual, and I was too – underneath my brilliant Code is Poetry Christmas jumper I sported with proud also in Edinburgh.
I didn’t shoot any pictures in Matlock because time flew and was too busy chatting with everyone, but the great Noel Tock took a couple of pics for me:

All in all, I can cry out loud that I’m so privileged to be part of the Automattic and WordPress families ❤️

Taken at Edinburgh and Matlock, United Kingdom
More pictures and video have been added to my Instagram Stories! Have you missed them out?

Wedding anniversaries #1

Wedding anniversaries – this is the N01 of the series.

Today Franz and I day celebrate our first year together as husband and wife. The first pic I recalled about the wedding event and the party was this one:

wedding anniversaries, gin

Franz made a lovely pics collage on Instagram, though. Here it is:

One year ago! ❤️ #franzstefwed

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I can’t believe one year has gone already. Time flies man.
My hangover is still ongoing ❤️

If I go back in time and think about my relationships with weddings… lol. To me, weddings have always meant fancy dresses and good food in large amount of quantities – oh, and murder mysteries.
A couple of years ago I’d never thought of me getting married. Yet, Franz made the miracle. Here we go, celebrating our wedding anniversary.

We’re getting lots of love and congratulations from family, colleagues and friends. Such celebrations and anniversaries remind me how blessed we are to have many lovely people around, who are so happy for us about our happiness. Well, we love them back.

I hope this will be the first of a long, long series of Franz and Stef’s wedding anniversaries.

#franzstefwed #wedding #anniversary

Taken at ristorante Ai monti del Gennargentu, Nuoro
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#franzstefwed, we got married!

wedding, got married, celebrations, bride, groom, sardinia, no white wedding dress, coloured wedding dress

After some months of wedding preps, July 11th was the day we got married!

This is it people! Franz and I finally got married.
We managed to gather lots of people we love in beautiful Sardinia to celebrate our wedding.

The ceremony

It had been really funny and everybody laughed. This is good when you think people would cry for the emotion. I mean – we got married, it’s a happy event, so we didn’t want people to cry no matter what!

The lunch/party was glorious.

The food was gorgeous and our guests were very pleased and left the tables with their tummies full and tight (someone also lost couple of buttons from his shirt – they literally exploded, lol).

The after party had been epic.

A part from the funny bouquet throwing moment, here are some of the feedback we gathered the day after we got married:
“Pure amusement”
“One of the best day of my life” (and that wasn’t the groom!)
“I haven’t had such a great time for years.”
“The best wedding I’ve ever attended so far.”
“Why didn’t you introduce [name] to me earlier?”
“You guys know wonderful and interesting people.”
“I want to come to London asap.”
“We need to sort out a meet up/reunion at every wedding anniversary of yours.”

People coming from different places, backgrounds and phases of our lifes were there together interacting and having a blast as if they met years ago for the first time.

Time flew during our wedding but glad to have enjoyed every single moment of this glorious day.

Oh, and also the rings carrier looked pretty smart, don’t you think?
#wedding dress preps also for the rings carrier. Looks like he's going to be very smart! #chihuahua

Thanks to everyone who attended our wedding and I hope the people who couldn’t make it had the chance enjoy a bit of that through the pics and video tagged on social networks with the hashtag #franzstefwed.

To infinity and beyond! May the Force be with you ❤️

Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia

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Details of my outfit:
Hair – Vittorio Sorba
Makeup – Marzia Brotzu
Dress – Ela Siromashenko
Shoes – LK Bennett

Details of Franz’s outfit:
Hair and beard – Candice Zen Hair
Suit and shirt – TM Lewin
Tie – Missoni
Shoes and belt – Paul Smith