Happy Father’s Birthday – a photo tribute to my dad

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Happy Father's Birthday, dad photography, rome, castel sant'angelo

I want to wish happy father’s birthday today to my dad. Not only he’s a great runner and passionate about astronomy, but he’s also an awesome photographer.

This is a pic he took when we were together in Rome at Christmas. He hasn’t retouched it, so I’m publishing it the way he took it. Isn’t it an amazing pic?

Rome was as beautiful as always, but my father managed to get the best out of it with this photo picturing Castel Sant’Angelo at sunset.

Well, what was I saying? Happy Father’s Birthday*, daddy!

Taken at Castel Sant’Angelo, Roma

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*I rarely call my parents ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’, but instead I call them ‘mother’ and ‘father’. They’re not quite happy about it, but to me it’s the highest sign of respect I can show to them, so they still live with it :)


Oggi voglio fare gli auguri a mio padre per il suo compleanno in maniera particolare. Non solo mio padre è un ottimo runner e un appassionato di astronomia, ma è anche un bravissimo fotografo. Se lo chiedete e a lui, vi dirà che è scarso in tutte le cose che ho elencato qui sopra, ma credetemi, lui è solo estremamente umile (e non si rende conto delle piste che dà ai giovani correndo, tra l’altro) .

Questa è una fotografia che ha scattato quando eravamo tutti insieme a Roma per Natale. La foto non è ritoccata, è esattamente come l’ha scattata, nuda e cruda. Bellissima, eh?

Roma era fantastica come sempre, per cui non è stato difficile per l’occhio (e la mano) di mio padre trovare l’angolo giusto e scattare questa straordinaria immagine di Castel Sant’Angelo al tramonto.

E insomma, cosa stavo dicendo? Tanti auguri e a cento di questi giorni, padre!

Scattata a Castel Sant’Angelo, Roma

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*Raramente mi capita di chiamare i miei genitori ‘mamma’ o ‘babbo’. Non mi piace, e preferisco chiamarli ‘madre’ e ‘padre’. Dopo tutti questi anni, ancora a loro non va giù, ma io continuo per la mia strada, perché questo modo di chiamarli per me mostra il massimo rispetto possibile :)


Not so bad as a first day in London…

 first day in London,  #lovelondon, back to work, british summer, cloudy

Not so bad as a first day in London after 18 days of Sardinia.

Coming back home after holidays can be traumatic. Imagine when you come back to London after 18 days of pre and post wedding holidays (with the wedding time included of course).

When we landed at Gatwick we found a grey cloudy sky with a light breeze, weak rain and 20C temperature. Quite bad if you think it was super sunny and super hot in Sardinia.

Nevertheless, my first day in London and at work hasn’t been so bad in the morning, today. My colleague Holly and the rest of the office welcomed me with warm hugs and congratulations, so I spent the lunch time telling them about our epic wedding and the time spent on the beach… my tan can witness it!

Eventually, the sun popped out and the sky turned the way you can see in the pic.

I really can’t complain. No matter what, I love London.

Taken at London Bridge

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Nice to be back home in Sardinia

back home, sardinia, home sardiania, sea, sun, warm, paradise

It’s nice to be back home in Sardinia.

Beautiful sea and warm temperatures, this place it’s such a paradise!
Wedding is approaching and I definitely cannot feel stressed out with this stunning view.

Taken in Sardinia, North East Coast

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Happy Birthday to my dog Giuliano! ❤️

#HappyBirthday, dog, Giuliano, chihuahua

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, naughty, sweet, clever and loving dog ever lived on this planet.

Today this tiny little fella turns 7. I can’t believe nearly 7 years have passed since the first time I met his big big eyes.

I really can’t wait to be with him again.
There is no day I don’t miss him badly.
There is no dog I cross my glance with that doesn’t remind me of him.

Love you Giuliano! ❤️

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What’s the weather like today? On nous donne deux heures de soleil

What's the weather like today,  soleil, love london,

What’s the weather like today? On nous donne deux heures de soleil!

Last week I complained about the grey sky here in London. The summer is being shy this year and I can’t wait for it to come. And there is it, the sun, warm and light as usual.

It reinvigorated me, although it didn’t last long.
Summer, where are you? :(

Taken at Southwark, London

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