A journey into the Erotica genre with Blakely Bennet

People think the erotica genre is dirty and with no soul. Are we sure we’re not confusing it with porn? Erotica author Blakely Bennet helps me clarify the misunderstanding.

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I have to admit it: I’ve always been skeptical about erotica literature until I met some of my fellow authors who write erotica. There are a lot of misconception about erotica genre that I’d like to clarify. I asked erotica author Blakely Bennet to answer some of my questions. Here they are.

You write erotica novels. How did you decide to write erotica rather than a “traditional” love story?

I didn’t really plan on what I was going to write but felt, initially, there was a story that needed to be told, and I didn’t want to limit what it might include. I love romance and erotica novels so it’s not too surprising I would choose to write in those genres.

If you had to describe the erotica genre, what adjectives would you pick?

I don’t feel I write in the traditional genre so I’m going to answer this question in regards to my books: depth, intrigue, steamy, sexual, real storyline, love and chemistry, lots and lots of chemistry and lots of yummy sex too.

Do you think that the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon has changed the way of conceiving the erotica genre? In a good or in a bad way?

Yes, I do and in a bad way actually. People seem to assume that 50 Shades is the standard and it’s not. Readers also seem to assume that all erotica is romance and that too isn’t correct. I’ve run into readers starting the My Body Trilogy and expecting a romance, which it is not until the last book of the trilogy.

What would you say to a reader who’s skeptical about your literary genre? I know there are people who think erotica is porn.

I’d say to give it a try and find out for yourself. To me the difference between porn and erotica has to with the storyline. Porn doesn’t really need/have in-depth characters or plot. Great erotica does. Well-written erotica is fiction at its best with more graphic and steamy sex scenes that are pertinent and move the story forward.

I write mystery novels and detective stories. There’s not much space for romance and intense love stories in a crime story. This is good to me as I really can’t write anything vaguely romantic. Any advices for me?

Get connected with what turns you on, what fun flirting looks like for you, and what great sex feels like. Once you connect with those feelings and emotions, you should be able to put them on the page.

Do you want to highlight some of your books for me? Which one would you suggest to me?

I’m super excited about my latest novel, Blue Persuasion, which is erotic romance. It’s the third book in the Bound by Your Love series (Stuck in Between (1) & Bittersweet Deceit (2)) but can be read as a standalone. I’m very proud of “Blue” and feel it’s my best writing to date.

Here is the blurb:

Judy, dubbed Blue by her friends, is a voluptuous thirty-one year old woman longing for a love of her own. Even more frustrating than her dissatisfaction with her work and the unwanted attention her body garners is always coming in second with the opposite sex.

Bond, her best friend and lover, helps Blue stay sane and sexually satisfied, but she knows her place. Their secret relationship leaves Blue hungry to have a man she can call her own.

When she finally succumbs to Cat’s artful needle for her first tattoo, she crosses paths with Tate. The towering, tattooed, motorcycle riding, American Indian fires off all her warnings signs, but she finds herself drawn to him against her own self-preservation.

Thankfully, Blue’s close-knit group of friends help to keep her grounded, as does the women’s group she attends weekly, but she still finds herself wanting and needing more.

Will Blue ever find the love she needs and deserves or will she forever come in second? Read her sexy story of friendship and love to find out.”

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