[ASMSG Blog Hop] A little bit about me on writing

Pull the trigger on writingMy fellow author Dab Ten involved me into an interesting blog hop. It consists of replying to four questions about myself on writing and pass the baton to someone else who I liked as an author/blogger.

Here are my questions/replies. My victims, as Dab addressed, to follow.

  1. What am I working on?
    I’m working on the latest details of Pull The Trigger, the first long length novel of the Chase Williams detective story series.
    Simultaneously I am also on writing the third volume of my successful Cutting Right to the Chase collection of short stories – Here are the Vol.1 and the Vol.2.
    I am also planning to translate them in Italian, which apparently sounds a good market to me as well – we will see.
    Last but not least, the preliminary plot of my third novel is taking shape.I don’t have time to get bored, let’s say.
  2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
    Anything and everything. I try to stick on the traditional idealtype of the mystery/crime/cozy stories, with murderers who often are not professional killers, a bit of suspense and a main character with some unresolved issues (Yes, Chase has some unresolved issues).
    The Italian location and the way my main character Chase Williams – a young former Scotland Yard detective – deals with the Italian habits make the difference. Along my books you can discover the true spirit of the Italian life, with a hint of British humour.
  3. Why do I write what I do?
    I’ve always been a snooper, ever since I was a kid. I liked creating stories and seeing the murder and crime side of the everyday life. My school mates used to say I was a bit creepy… should I blame them?
    On the other hand, my colleagues keep saying me that I should apply for a real detective career here in the UK. LOL.
    Concerning the location and the character I involve in my stories, it’s something I belong to, so I could not write otherwise. I lived in Italy for 27 years, it’s the place in the world I know better. On the other hand, I’ve always loved the English culture and picturing my main character as a Londoner is the best tribute I could pay to the country that is currently hosting me.
  4. How does my writing process work?
    It depends. I usually start planning my plot(s) from a key idea: why someone would kill somebody else in some specific place? What happened before? Is it something that can also involve Chase’s personal life or trigger some of his weak points?
    The first questions sound a bit Clue-ish, I know.
    After solving these points, I run some technical researches, such as an in depth study of the target shooting guns and rifles. I did that for Pull The Trigger, I learnt a lot of stuff thanks to that – and plus, now I have my personal weapon consultant!Afterwards it comes the real on writing session, which may last even some months (depending on the length of the stories, for the Cutting Right to the Chase series it usually lasts just some weeks).Before sending everything to my trusted editor, I review and re-write the story at least three or four times.
    The Kindle is always next to me during this last passage: I read what I’ve just written on it as it’s easier to me to detect any plot fails and typos.

I really love what I do. I mean, if it was for me I would always be on writing and studying new things and new ways to end up people – but only on fiction!
I hope that my readers love my characters as much as I do.

Here we are. Time for new selected bloggers/authors who will carry on the blog hop!
And the winners are:


June Lorraine Roberts on writingFreelance Journalist, Murder in Common Blogger & Crime Fiction Addict, Friends and Family Centric, Traveller, Pub Lover.
I met her on Twitter – I was looking for some crime fiction reader and I stumbled upon here.
I immediately liked her Murder in Common Blog and we started chatting here and there on social media about… guess what?
When I asked her to join the blog hop, she said: “Does this apply to me as I haven’t written book/stories, but just blog postings?”
I said: “I mean, writing is writing, whether is blogging or writing fiction”.
Well, June blogs about crime fiction (by now. About writing a novel… who never knows) and she does it pretty well.


rita carla francesca monticelli on writingShe’s one of the most successful indie author in Italy.
She published a brilliant sci-fi saga set in Mars, Deserto Rosso, and now she’s ready to market it also worldwide (she translated her saga in English, so fasten your seat belts, peeps).
Her background is mainly scientific and also her passions are… scientific, somehow. She loves looking the sky and she published wonderful pictures of the sky and the stars on social media.
When she’s not at the computer tailoring some sci-fi thriller for us, you can easily find her on a cruise somewhere. She likes travelling a lot.

As you can see, I took two blond ladies. Chase would be proud of my double choice!