Detective Short Stories Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is out!

The book No3 of the detective short stories series featuring Chase Williams is now out and available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Stores

detective short stories cutting right to the chase vol.3 cover amazon

I’m very happy to announce that Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3 is now on Amazon. The winning formula of the flash fiction series has not been changed: 10 short stories about murder mysteries, criminal offences and unusual crimes happening in the sunny Tursenia, Italy.
Along those ten detective short stories, Chase deals with some mysteries and murders although he shouldn’t be involved. Even if Chase has been around the city for a while now, Inspector Angelo Alunni hasn’t quite got yet that his childhood friend is not a cop anymore, and has to be let alone. Chase can’t resist the mystery and crime’s call, though, and here he is – investigating murder cases and solving tricky masterminds and minor cases in plain clothes.

What’s new in the vol.3 of the Cutting Right to the Chase detective short stories?

There are ten new stories, new crime plots that have been solved.
The major news is related to Chase’s character, who unveils a little bit more of himself. If you’ve seen a thoughtful Chase with a logic mindset and cool blood, in this third volume of the flash fiction series you will find a more impetuous and dark Chase.
On the other hand, the formula of the 1000 word per story stays untouched, since it is a quite successful formula.

Where to find Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3?

As usual, these vol.3 of Chase’s detective short stories series is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store.

There is also a cool page that gathers together the three ebook of the flash fiction series – only available for a certain number of Kindle Stores for now, sorry about that.

There’s more to come! I’m plotting again!