#franzstefwed, we got married!

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After some months of wedding preps, July 11th was the day we got married!

This is it people! Franz and I finally got married.
We managed to gather lots of people we love in beautiful Sardinia to celebrate our wedding.

The ceremony

It had been really funny and everybody laughed. This is good when you think people would cry for the emotion. I mean – we got married, it’s a happy event, so we didn’t want people to cry no matter what!

The lunch/party was glorious.

The food was gorgeous and our guests were very pleased and left the tables with their tummies full and tight (someone also lost couple of buttons from his shirt – they literally exploded, lol).

The after party had been epic.

A part from the funny bouquet throwing moment, here are some of the feedback we gathered the day after we got married:
“Pure amusement”
“One of the best day of my life” (and that wasn’t the groom!)
“I haven’t had such a great time for years.”
“The best wedding I’ve ever attended so far.”
“Why didn’t you introduce [name] to me earlier?”
“You guys know wonderful and interesting people.”
“I want to come to London asap.”
“We need to sort out a meet up/reunion at every wedding anniversary of yours.”

People coming from different places, backgrounds and phases of our lifes were there together interacting and having a blast as if they met years ago for the first time.

Time flew during our wedding but glad to have enjoyed every single moment of this glorious day.

Oh, and also the rings carrier looked pretty smart, don’t you think?
#wedding dress preps also for the rings carrier. Looks like he's going to be very smart! #chihuahua

Thanks to everyone who attended our wedding and I hope the people who couldn’t make it had the chance enjoy a bit of that through the pics and video tagged on social networks with the hashtag #franzstefwed.

To infinity and beyond! May the Force be with you ❤️

Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia

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Details of my outfit:
Hair – Vittorio Sorba
Makeup – Marzia Brotzu
Dress – Ela Siromashenko
Shoes – LK Bennett

Details of Franz’s outfit:
Hair and beard – Candice Zen Hair
Suit and shirt – TM Lewin
Tie – Missoni
Shoes and belt – Paul Smith