[Guest post] 10 (+3) reasons to write mystery fiction/ 10 motivi per cui scrivere storie di mystery

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10 (plus 3) good reasons to write mystery fictionI love writing mystery fiction, and most of all I love reading it. I asked my friend Giulia Beyman, an Italian mystery besteller author, the same question. That made her twinkle and wrote a great blog in Italian about her ten reasons why she writes mystery fiction. Therefore, since my Jubilee is still in progress (CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED SCHEDULE) I obtained her permission to translate it in English.  Giulia agreed and asked me also to add my main reasons that push me to write mystery and detective stories. So here you are: Giulia guest blog and my reasons to follow.

I was dealing with  a window glass in one of my stories – just a simple window glass which was supposed to be unbreakable – when I realised that my main character had to break it if she wanted to save her own life. I deal with this kind of situations every day, while writing.

This time I asked myself: why I chose to write mysteries? You know, it’s not easy at all. You have to square things up and think of the plot at the big picture: there are so many threads to weave together! Anyhow, here are my reasons why, no matter what, I keep writing mystery fiction.

1) Do you know another way to kill a husband (yours or someone else’s) without ending up in jail?
2) In the eternal struggle between good and evil, the good always wins if you write a mystery. What a nice feeling! The world is full of bad news and uncertainties, but I can always have my happy ending.
3) I can put people I hate in my stories and drag them into awful situations. I feel better afterwards without hurting anyone.
4) I love questions. Writing mystery fiction opens me a whole world of questions.
5) Whatever happens in my stories I can always think that it’s all fiction.
6) I can find the murderer before everyone else.
7) When doing researches on some cool ways to kill someone (without leaving any trace) no one suspects about me. Never.
8) I can think “How cool would be if I kill him (or her)!” without feeling too guilty.
9) I don’t feel too weird when, while opening a newspaper, the first thing I check is the obituaries.
10) I write mysteries because I love reading them, and even more I love writing them.

What about you, Stefania? I know that you write mysteries too. And you’ve got such a cool detective… What are your good reasons to write mystery fiction?

Well, I can add at least three main reasons the lead me to the mystery/detective story road.

1) It challenges myself. A detective story cannot be predictable. And if it is so, there must be a very good reason. Mystery fiction keeps my brain switched on and pushes me to find better ways to amaze my readers.
2) I can distort reality. One day, my auntie was dusting her living room chandelier and loosened something in its attachment by accident. Few days after, the chandelier crushed down – no one was injured, luckily. But what if it was not an accident and my aunt wanted to kill someone? That’s the beginning of Into the Killer Sphere
3) It’s a relief valve. Whatever plot I create for my mysteries, whether it is inspired by true stories or not, it’s just fiction. It’s good to have a break from reality and get inside a world when dreadful things may happen, but you can control them. It helps me to stay balanced in my daily life.

What about you? Why do you (or would you) write mystery fiction?

Mi piace scrivere gialli, ma soprattutto mi piace leggerli. Ho chiesto alla mia amica Giulia Beyman, scrittrice bestseller di gialli e di mystery suspance, perché lei scriva storie di mistero e perché, per esempio, non scriva fantascienza.

A lei la domanda è piaciuta così tanto che ci ha scritto un post sul suo blog. Io, ovviamente, ho preso la palla al balzo per aggiungere anche il suo post alle celebrazioni per il mio trentesimo compleanno (CLICCA QUI PER IL PROGRAMMA AGGIORNATO), ma in versione solo inglese, per rispettare il suo lavoro.
Leggi qui i 10 motivi di Giulia Beyman per cui lei scrive gialli. Buona lettura!


  1. Does a romantic/mystery novel count?
    There’s no murders in my book, but there are people who are about to die and someone who is charged with the task of saving them before they do.

    It’s a strange deal, so I guess there is a hint of mystery, but certainly not at the level of Giulia’s books or even Stefania’s. I have to learn a lot from you two ;-)

    • And I have to learn something about romance from you, darling!

      Yeah, I guess we can talk about mystery elements also in your books, although no dead bodies or crimes have been showed up :)

      I mean, mystery is not only detective stories, isn’t it? ;)

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