Into the Killer Sphere crime fiction novel out on Amazon – and winners giveaway

Into The Killer Sphere Amazon kindle cozy mysteryI’m very happy to announce the release of my new crime fiction novella Into the Killer Sphere, featuring the coolest British former detective of all times, Chase Williams.

Into the Killer Sphere is a cozy mystery set in Tursenia, where Chase has been living since a while by now. This time, Chase is involved by his inspector friend Angelo in a murder case although he has planned a couple of days off from his cashmere office duties. You are going to better know the Italian and Tursenian habits along the crime story, as well as a the most productive meddlers in the world: Italian neighbours.

Into the Killer Sphere is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store:

To celebrate Into the Killer Sphere release I’ve launched a giveaway: the random picker software worked for me at midnight. The ten winners of a free copy of Into the Killer Sphere are *DRUMROLL*:

– Rhonda
– Justine
– Kayla
– Paula
– Laura
– Alicia Marie
– Roger
– Sarah
– T.Harrell
– Les

Congratulations to the lucky ones!

You want to know more about this new crime to solve for Chase? Here you find a brief blurb.

If you enjoyed the novella, please remember to leave a review, even if it’s only a line or two. That would be great to readers and to me as well, as leaving a feedback is the best way to thank an author and give feedbacks to potential readers:)

Next stop in Chase Williams series is Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2. If you liked the first one you can’t miss the new volume! Stay updated and subscribe to my mailing list now and receive an email once my next crime ebook will be out. Easy, no?


  1. I have been one of the lucky ones to receive an early preview copy of “Into The Killer Sphere”. What can I say? It’s a fantastic read. It’s a gripping book, you cannot but like Chase Williams. He’s calm, cool, collected, and I find it quite amusing how he deals with the Italian situations, which sometimes he can’t quite grasp, simply because of the cultural differences. I smile when I picture Chase battling with his nosy neighbours or when he’s having a debate with Angelo, the official police detective. What must Chase be thinking when he sees all those hand gestures? Is he able to grasp all their different meanings?

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