La casse da morto più pazze del mondo / The craziest coffins in the world

Yeah, death really sucks, but be sure to throw it in the right dumpster!

Ho scritto la mia prima tesi di laurea sui rituali funebri in Sardegna, che poi è diventato un libro pubblicato nel 2010. Eppure, non mi sono stancata di frugare tra gli affari funebri, perché la morte fa parte della vita, e le sue vicende seguono la società e la sua evoluzione.

Ecco che, mentre lurkavo – come al solito – su StumbleUpon, ho provato a mettere una parola chiave diversa: ‘death’, ossia ‘morte’. E ho trovato una cosa pubblicata da Gizmodo che ha dell’incredibile. Un’azienda inglese costruisce casse da morto personalizzate, con il soggetto (o l’oggetto) che più si preferisce. Le nove più estrose che Gizmodo propone sono davvero incredibili: dalla nave dei vichinghi a quella super lusso, passando per skateboard e scarpette da danza… sperando che siano solo oggetti che ricordano una lontana gioventù!

Tra la borsa da palestra e la chitarra elettrica, certamente sceglierei quest’ultima, anche perché da quello che si vede sembra davvero simile alla mia JS signature!

Se volete esorcizzare il momento, o semplicemente farvi due risate con le casse da morto più pazze del Regno Unito (e ci sono anche le urne!), guardatevi la gallery di Crazy Coffins!

I wrote my first graduation thesis about funerary rituals in Sardinia, which later became a book published in 2010. Yet, I’m not still tired of rummaging through the funeral business, because death is part of life, and the incidents related to it follow the society and its evolution.

It turns out that while I was lurking  – as usual – on StumbleUpon, I decided to put a different keyword on the search bar: ‘death’. And I found an incredible stuff published by Gizmodo. A British company builds custom coffins with the subject (or object) that you prefer. Gizmodo shows the nine most original coffins, which are actually truly amazing: from the ship of the Vikings to the super luxury yacht, including skateboards and dance shoes… hoping they are simply objects that remind a remote youth!

Between the gym bag and the electric guitar, I would definitely choose the latter one, because it really looks similar to my JS signature guitar!

If you want to exorcise death, or simply give you a laugh with the craziest coffins of the  United Kingdom (and there are also urns!), have a look at Crazy Coffins’ galleries!


    • Vanna, magari se mandi loro una email te la fanno… ma l’importante è che te la mettano da parte per usarla tra mooooolto tempo! :)

    • Grazie Vito, correggo subito!
      In realtà ero indecisa su cosa usare tra le due frasi, ma a quanto pare uso sempre la scelta sbagliata!

      E grazie per il voto, se dovessi vincere ti sei prenotato un piatto di porridge, che a luglio a Londra ci sta sempre bene :P

      PS: Figo il libro! Messo tra i fav of course ;)

  1. Fantastic post! I’d like the electric guitar themed coffin, although I’ve decided that I’d rather be cremated than buried.

    My biggest fear is not death in itself, but being buried alive. I would hate waking up inside a coffin, under ground. So I thought that cremation was the safer alternative. But then I realized that I might wake up when they’re putting my coffin in the furnace, at the end of the ceremony… so is being burnt alive a better option than being buried alive?

    How can we make sure that we’re really dead when our funeral takes place?

    • Martina, that’s creepy indeed and you’re totally right!

      Maybe it’s better not to think about it as long as we are in good health :P
      Anyway, you have been so inspiring for my Chase’s one-shot ebook saga with this comment… do I have to pay you some royalties as a ghost writer? :D

  2. Talking of creepy… when I used to think about the best ways to die, as you do, I often believed that decapitation was a pretty good one. Quick, at least.

    Until I watched a documentary once about the French Revolution, where the guy explained that the poor people who ended up under the guillotine didn’t have an instantaneous death. Apparently, your brain is still ‘alive’ for 20 seconds after the head is severed from the rest of the body. Now that IS creepy. Twenty seconds may seem little, but it’s a hell of a long time to be conscious – especially after such traumatic event.

    I just hope the guy on TV was wrong, after all, the only ones who can confirm this have not been able to do it yet.

    About the royalty payment for me: a lovely Sardinian dinner would do fine :-)

    • OMG that is SO creepy indeed! :S
      I thing that in the end the best way to die is when you are sleeping. Basically, it’s just a matter of having a loooong dream, hoping you are not having a nightmare the very moment you are dying!

      Concerning the dinner, I guess we have a deal, darling! ;)

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