image Peace and quiet, how to calm my troubled soul

If you’re having one of those bad days, maybe you’ll find beneficial to try my way to calm my troubled soul: a nice walk outdoor back into the nature. The silence will help you heal the low mood.

to calm my troubled soul I have a walk outdoor, thames valley park reserve

Peace and quiet. Sometimes life just happens, and you can’t help yourself: you feel sad, discouraged, sleepless, agitated. Sometimes you don’t have to be strong or prove yourself strong at any costs.
Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I just let it flow.

There’s nothing really active that I can do to calm my troubled soul, especially when the source of the bad mood–and the situations that generated it–is nothing I can control, or change.

To facilitate the healing process to calm my troubled soul, I had a nice walk in the Thames Valley Park Nature Reserve, which is just around the corner from home.

This morning it was fairly sunny outside, and quite desert along the valley park main pathway – there were just some dog owners and people fishing.

I walked alone with my thoughts and anxieties. The river silently flowing, the swans swimming quietly. I slowed down, relaxed, breathed, and let the bad mood go.

Things will eventually fix themselves. 🤞

Taken at Thames Valley Park Reserve, Reading

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