Plotting Again – A New Mystery Novel in Progress!

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This is the very first draft of my new mystery novel. Yes, I’m plotting again!

To be completely honest with you, this is a draft I jotted down when I was at Canary Island, during my winter break.

I loved the idea of my notes resting on my notebook for months, to check if that would still make sense. You know, if the plot still looks strong after many post-writing months it means it’s worth writing a mystery novel around.

It’s the first time since I started writing the Chase Williams detective series books that I took a 6 months off from writing. The last fiction-ish words I’ve written are those you can see in the picture above and I must confess that the benefits of this time off have been surprisingly huge. I might be blogging about this soon.

For the time being I’m focused on putting all the ideas into a well-structured kind of screenplay which I will be using later to start writing the real mystery novel.

I still don’t know whether it’s going to be a thriller, a classic cozy mystery or a crime story with a twist of something else. I’ve always thought that my crime stories have room for many contaminations, despite the labels and categories you have to attach to the books when it’s about to market them.

So, time will tell, but in the meantime enjoy the news: Chase is back to business!

Taken at London

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