Rio 2016 – Olympinner is back!

After the great success of the London 2012 edition, the Olympinner is back here in my blog!

Rio olympic games 2016 - Olympinner is back

Four years ago I dedicated a series of blog post to the London 2012 Olympic Games. I did it because I love sports and Olympics very much, and I wanted to talk about the Games my way.

It turned out to be a great success in terms of views and engagement – especially on social media. People enjoyed the stories I found about the Olympic Games, the athletes and the team involved. I also invited some guest authors to contribute to my Olympinner, giving an awesome boost in terms of quality of content.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Olympinner is back!

Why not replicating this successful format also for the Rio 2016 edition? Four years have passed and I had time to better structure the posts this time.

All of the posts will be written both in Italian and in English, with each posts having their own specific URL. That would make easier to readers to enjoy the Olympinner.

Every post will be focus on a specific team or athlete playing that very day of the Olympics. Video, fun facts and images will be provided! There will be other surprises, but I don’t spoiler anything more.

The real news – I co-writing the Olympinner

The most important news is that I won’t be alone in managing the Olympinner, this time. In fact, I am so busy with my writing and my new job that I was hesitant about having an Olympic column again.

But then, my friend Nicola (who guest posted many times here) read my mind and asked me if he could manage the Rio 2016 edition of the Olympinner with me. I don’t believe in destiny, signs, or things like that – however I read his request just like that! Nicola is then going to be the co-author of the Olympinner posts with me. Exciting times ahead!

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