The Chase Williams crime series books on Yelle Huges blog

It’s online my latest interview about Chase Williams and his crime series books.yelle huges, interview, chase williams, crime series books

This time the lovely fantasy author Yelle Huges takes the stage and asks me interesting questions about my characters, Tursenia and my everyday life as an expat in England as well as a writer.

The most interesting thing about this interview is the approach Yelle has towards my crime series books and therefore the original and funny questions originated by that.
Needless to say I had a great time talking to her on myself, Chase, Angelo and Tursenia.

Yelle has used the fictional character Reyna to kick the interview – another interesting element added up to the reading!
To close this quick introduction I have a little spoiler for you: I revealed a silly story about my childhood and my father’s favourite anectode about me when I was an avid child reader!

Click here to read Yelle’s interview about the Chase Williams crime series books!

More interviews and news to come soon!

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