video The Italy vs UK matter from the eyes of my Italian parents [vlog video alert!]

Taking advantage of my parents visiting me in Reading, I interviewed them about the Italy vs UK matter, and everything that concerns this topic. The video I shot with them talking turns out to be utterly entertaining!

Italy vs UK_ Italian parents talk about England

In a world where the Brexit negotiations are a menace for the freedom of movement between Italy and the UK, I interviewed my parents visiting me here in England.

The interview reveals what they’d bring over and take from England / the UK, and the other way around.

Is it going to be a real Italy versus England battle?
You’ve got only one way to find out.

The vlog about Italy vs UK

I made my parents swear they’d sacrifice themselves for the sake of my YouTube account, and gave me a video interview. They’re very humble and shy, so I had to make them comfortable in front of my camera. I’ve never done anything like that before, so it was a good learning experience for me as well.

They were worried about the language barrier, also: as they can’t speak English at all, and they know the majority of my viewers speak English, I assured them they could speak Italian, and I’d add subtitles to the video.
That has been another good learning moment for me – subtitles are not a joke, especially when you have limited video editing skills like mine :D

As I speak to them on the phone and FaceTime quite often, and we talk about pretty much everything, it’s not unusual that we all rant about what goes wrong in our countries. Given that assumption, I expected they would focus their Italy vs UK interview on everything we complain during our calls.

Instead, my parents were eventually happy to talk about the positive difference they notice between their country and England; they leant more towards the bright side of the Italy vs UK matter than the downsides.

It’s amazing how a relaxed holiday state of mind can have a positive effect on our brains and on the perspective we have on things. Too bad this state of grace sometimes is only temporary! :D

My parents Italy vs UK interview is on YouTube

I uploaded the video interview on YouTube right after I uploaded our trip at Windsor. *
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Pic taken at Windsor

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