We spent a day at Wellington Country Park

What do you do when it’s the weekend and sunny? You take the car and go explore the adventure parks in the area! Franz and I went to Wellington Country Park near Reading, Berkshire.

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You check out the vlog about the adventure park review by clicking on the image, or here

Wellington Country Park is an adventure park for kids

This is what we’ve been told when we arrived at the entrance. As it’s fairly true – Wellington Country Park is indeed a park designed for kids – we had so much fun anyway!

The majority of the people at the park were families with small kids, but we saw elderly people and couples like us hanging around.

The park is quite big, and is set in the middle of a stunning forest. There’s also a wide area for caravans and camping that is well organised and with large spaces to allow privacy. The area looks very functional, and I believe it can get crowded during summertime (provided there’s a real summertime in the UK :D).

Tickets, stuff to get and to buy at Wellington Country Park

I was expecting to pay an expensive ticket given how well curated the park is; the adult ticket is £12, and you can stay as long as you like. You’ll be given a sticker to attach to your clothes, in case you need to leave and get inside the park again on the same day.

Children under 2 years old don’t pay, while kids up to 15yo pay a reduced ticket. There are of course family bundled tickets to save some bucks.

We had lunch directly at the park – we chose chilli con carne with rice and salad for £7.50. The cafeteria at the entrance has a good range of choice and good portion size for eating there, but you’re welcome to bring your own food and enjoy it anywhere in the park. There’s also an awesome barbecue area Franz and I swore we’ll use it very soon.

As the park features water games for kids, you can also find swimsuits and waterproof nappies to buy at the entrance. There’s also a tiny area with canned food and essentials – I think it’s been thought for the people camping specifically.

The many features to enjoy at Wellington Country Park

Among all the themed and adventures parks in our area, Wellington Country Park caught my attention because of the many features and activities it offers, not only for kids.

wellington country park map, adventure park map, dinosaurs park map
The original map is in the Wellington Country Park site here

Yes, the Dinosaurs Park and the Enchanted Forest are supposed to be for kids, but we enjoyed them a lot as well… maybe because we’re still kids inside? ¯(ツ)

And yes, the splash zone is only for kids, as well as the playgrounds I REALLY wanted to try, but apparently I’m too big for being a kid and too tiny for having a “regular” adult size 😭

The animals and petting farm was quite pleasant as well; we visited other similar facilities in London, but it’s always funny to see how young kids react when being face to face with farm animals :)

The full list of all the attractions designed for kids can be found at this link – enter a meme of myself looking extremely jealous in 3, 2, 1… here it goes:

stef meme

What can adults enjoy at Wellington Country Park?

Even though there aren’t attractions that are specifically designed for adults, if you’re older than 15 (at least on your ID) you can still appreciate the park as it is.

You can get a license and go fishing in the lake, or simply hit all the nature walking paths available, as we did.

Wellington Country Park nature trail walking

The nature trails are colour coded depending on the attractions, length and difficulties of the paths. If you’re fit or accustomed to medium-long walks, you’ll be able to walk all of them within an afternoon.

There’s plenty of space and benches to rest up if you get tired, with cafés and toilets easily reachable from anywhere in the park.

While we didn’t take the miniature railway (which is okay also for adults), we played mini golf. It’s free of charge provided you leave £10 as a deposit for renting the clubs.

Overall review of the adventure park: 8/10

Franz dinosaurs park wellington country parkFor being my first time at a themed / adventure park in the UK, I can definitely go for a thumb up and a good review of Wellington Country Park. Even though at the end of the afternoon the rain made its appearance (hello good ol’ British weather that never disappoints!), we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The variety of things to do, the good food we had, the animal farm, the handy facilities, and the option to do indoor activities (I think of kids and families) definitely impressed me. The nature trails are well signed and even if you go deep inside the woods there is no way you can get lost.

Dog owners can also bring their pets and enjoy their company at the park, which to me is a great plus.

I made a video of the day we spent at the park!

You can go and check out my video about our trip at Wellington Country Park! More funny stuff in there, and you can see with your eyes how enjoyable Wellington Country Park is. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe to my DailyPinner vlog channel!

You can read more about Wellington Country Park at their official website.
If you have suggestions about other parks in the UK we can try, please leave it in the comments below :)

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