10 year anniversary with this guy

Time flies, and Franz and I are celebrating 10 year anniversary on Nov 2017.

franz stef, 10 year anniversary

Can barely believe ten years have passed since that evening when a brave Franz tried to kiss me for the first time. He’s been brave enough to replicate this a minimum of 50 times per day over the last ten years.

10 year anniversary and my idea of love

I don’t believe in soul mates or blind love, to be honest. We’re not celebrating with a fancy dinner or a special present. We celebrate our life everyday, and our idea of love is not the classic, romantic one.

I believe in the open, frank communication, and supporting and nurturing a relationship based on trust, sympathy and chemistry.

Franz and I are friends and partners in crime, and we love each other because we ‘fit’ and respect each other. We build this every day, as you water your plants to keep them alive and blossoming.

From infinity and beyond

This 10 year anniversary marks a milestone, but also a nice, new starting point. Over the last 10 years we changed, we evolve, we managed to adapt to those changes and to improve as professionals and human beings. We shared joys and happy days, and we’ve been for each other in darkest days.

I honestly can’t picture my life without us flanking each other. We are such a strong team together. Hear hear to many other decades together!

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