A New Year Coming… #avoidpropositions

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A new year coming is always the time for propositions, promises and analysis.

I used to write down my propositions for the upcoming new year, but I quit when I figured that propositions are not the right way for me to pursue my goals. I learn to keep pushing to my objectives beyond the new year coming, looking back to it only to analyse the mistake I made and make sure they won’t happen again.

The New Year is not the beginning of anything for me. I salute the new year coming with friends, eating out and having fun, but to me it’s just an excuse to party, when I’m in the mood.
No promises or regrets for the new year, like every time I close a chapter and start a new one.
I don’t have dreams, I have goals, and to me propositions sound like dreams you rarely see coming real. That’s why I don’t like making propositions. I don’t have to promise anything to myself because I’m focus on my goals, and I don’t give up until I achieve them.

In the picture above there are the 9 most liked pictures on Instagram in 2015. They reflect well what my year has just been: travelling, working on myself, never giving up, coming back to running, eating, drinking tons of coffee and loving all things beautiful in the world.

That’s what I want to keep embracing for the new year coming. I wish you all a fantastic 2016 full of joy, things and goals you want to achieve. It’s never too late to turn your dreams into something you can chase, pursue and achieve. So roll you sleeves and bring it on. The future and a better you, world and life is waiting for you!

Taken at Nuoro (NU)

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