Bristol, the mystery city!

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If I have to choose a British mystery city where to set my Chase’s stories, Bristol will be the perfect one.

Husband and I went in Bristol! A dear friend of our just moved there so we thought it would be the perfect excuse for a weekend out of London.

I’ve never been in Bristol before and I found it very different from London. I don’t know why but I was expecting it to be a sort of little London. It turns out Bristol has its own particular identity, more ‘relaxed’ for some aspects but also more hipster than London. It was very weird for us, being Londoners since the first time we moved to the UK, to realise that we could walk from our Airbnb to the city centre by walk :D

Probably the dump cloudy weather played a big part in my general idea of Bristol as a mysterious city. To me, Bristol would be the perfect place to set a Chase Williams’ detective story. A part from Tursenia, Bristol is THE mystery city to me. I didn’t see many dodgy people around, but due to its narrow streets and decadent corners, along with an army of students and alternative people, my brain started plotting no stop. I could see my favourite detective chasing thugs on Bristol’s road, or even better getting involved in a complicated mastermind made by a potential serial killer. But I’m wandering.

Just like my mysterious Italian city Tursenia, Bristol looks like a quiet city populated by ‘regular’ people able to commit a crime. I don’t know why I think this, maybe it’s because of its vibe which is exactly like Tursenia’s!

So long Bristol, what a perfect mystery city you are! Had a great time here with ace company and can’t wait to come back soon 👍🏻🇬🇧

Taken at Bristol, United Kingdom

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