Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2 on Amazon! Short detective stories from Tursenia

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Cutting Right to the Chase vol 2 cozy mystery detective short storiesMy 30th anniversary Jubilee celebrations (click here for the updated schedule) MUST start with the launch of a Chase Williams book. Since it’s still too early for the crime novel Pull the Trigger, its’ time for detective short stories.

Chase tries to live a normal life in Tursenia, but it’s not as easy as it appears. AGAIN!

I left Chase dealing with a neighbourhood serious matter between signora Paoletta and the young Pollicino… and here everything starts back!
The second volume of the detective short stories collection featuring our favourite former Scotland Yard chap debuts with a gripping story about Paoletta and Pollicino, and nine more are awaiting you!
In fact, Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2 includes ten short stories instead of six of the first volume. What don’t change are the stories length, always 1000 words each, and the nature of the crimes Chase has to deal with, always unusual and not ordinary at all.

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As some beta readers have noticed, the new short stories made Chase’s character evolve, showing a more “matured” Chase. Likewise, also Tursenia shows its darker side, where proud prostitutes alternate with young lovers, sloppy drug dealers, elderly people tired of living, amazing chefs and, as usual, Chase’s neighbors who are always gossipy, fanatically religious and very nosey.

Of course, even on Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2 you will taste a slice of true Italy thanks to Chase’s neighbours, his friend Giulia and her little dog Luciano, as well as Chase’s best friend Inspector Angelo Alunni, who’s always hungry although stuck on a hospital bed. And if you’re as much snooper as me and Chase you’ll catch some clues about the next two Chase Williams novels!



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