More than 30 ebooks at 0.99 on Facebook event!

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For one day only, 30+ mystery and suspense authors will be hosting a massive Facebook event. There will be Q&A, interviews, freebies, giveaways and ebooks at 0.99*

I’m happy to announce that I will take part to the epic Mystery Writers Revealed event happening on Facebook on September 12th 2015 (it’s a Saturday). The main event of the day is the big book promo, where all the ebooks will be at 0.99 price.*

I’ve been invited as a detective and mystery fiction Amazon best seller and I’m glad to see that many of the authors joining the event are fellow friends who I usually cooperate and exchange favours and promotions with.

When and where

The event will be starting on Saturday September 12th 10am EST time and will go ahead until 8pm.
This is the official Mystery Writers Reveal Facebook page event. You have to hit ‘going’ to start interacting with us, commenting and leaving your messages.

What’s happening during the event?

Each author is paired with another one or two fellas and together will manage a time slot of one hour, where they do whatever they want!

There are many things authors can do to entertain their audience:

  • Contest
  • Giveaway
  • Q&A
  • Treasure hunt
  • Interview
  • Characters interview
  • Image tag/caption
  • Cover reveal
  • Book launch
  • Book preview

and so forth. One of the key thing that attracts readers to this kind of events (and holding a Facebook event is not really the easiest event to manage!) is the promotional price of the books/ebooks. On top of the many freebies you will stumble upon with, the most important thing to remember is the ebooks at 0.99*. There will be NO ebook costing more than that.

What about me?

I’m going to manage the time slot from 5pm to 6pm EST (which is 9pm UTC time).
To entertain the readers there will be also the lovely Christina Larmer and Morgana Best with me. We are sorting out something together but we’re not so sure what’s going to happen so stay tuned ;)

As far as my books will concern, since my detective short stories collection is already priced 0.99 USD, I’ve decided that both Pull the Trigger and Into the Killer Sphere will be discounted that day, which means that I’ll be discounting my whole Murder Mystery saga ebooks at 0.99*. There will be chances to have them for free, though… but you have to be clever and carefully follow me along my one-hour jibber jabber.

Ready for a whole day of mystery and suspense? Join our Mystery Writers Revealed Facebook event and get ready to read a lot of new cool books/ebooks – all at 0.99*

*currencies prices may vary. Normally, the 0.99 is related to USD, therefore books in other currencies can cost more. My personal promotion is set in a way that the ebooks at 0.99 will be costing the same amount of money in ANY currencies – meaning that if a book costing $0.99 is £0.65, the discounted price in GBP will be 0.65.