Giving back to the WordPress community at WordCamp Sofia

In contributor days at WordCamps you give back to the WordPress community. Sometimes you’re the giver, sometimes you’re the “taker”.

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At WordCamp Sofia I had the honour and the pleasure of being the pupil (for one evening!) of the awesome senior developer and dear friend Robert O’Rourke.

One way of giving back to the WordPress community is to contribute actively to the open source project. You don’t need to be a developer to contribute to the community. There’s always something to do to make WordPress a better place for blogging, shipping products or backing up a business. Every little helps and it’s easy to find something that each and everyone of us can do better than anyone else.

Another way to contribute to the community is to train people with new stuff to make them better contributors. In the picture you can see Rob and I talking about local WordPress installations. He basically taught me how to create a local environment on my laptop so to edit and adjust any kind of WordPress website without making every changes live straight away.
With this new cool stuff Rob explained to me, I have the chance to see if my changes work and eventually don’t break the internet if they don’t.
Sounds like a tiny task to do, doesn’t it? Whatever big or small the things you learn (and teach), the payoff is always beneficial to other people.

I learnt so much from the evening I spent with Rob and I look forward to tell my friends about all the knowledge I’ve just acquired – or to put that at their disposal in case they are in distress with their websites.

Here are more details about contributing to the WordPress community, o get in touch with me.

Taken at Siteground HQ Stara Zagora

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