How to treat title tags in SEO – guest post for The Internet Works

I wrote a guest post about treating title tags in SEO for my company blog, The Internet Works. I explain what title tags are and why we should care about them.

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This is my second guest post for The Internet Works. My first blog was about the Mobilegeddon and how to render your website mobile friendly.
This time my boss asked me to talk about something I am really passionate about, so I went for one of favourite topic in SEO – title tags.

Even if they’re only one sentence long, title tags are crucial for the search engine optimisation of a web page. If you structure a search engine marketing strategy without considering every single detail of the title tags you’re going to implement, you’re done – IMHO.

That’s why is so important knowing how to treat title tags in SEO and care about them, also by changing them every once and then according to the data you gain from the analytics tools.

Anyway, here’s a tiny chunk of the article.

What is a title tag?

The title tag is the phrase or chunk of text that describes an online page. Most SEOs will agree that title tags are the most important element within on-page optimisation, and I certainly do.

Imagine having to give a one-sentence definition about yourself. That’s pretty much the same with title tags. They give a relevant, one-sentence definition about the content of the page.

Title tags are important because they appear in three of the most key spaces in the internet: SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions – i.e. where you rank on a search results page), on external websites and in browsers (at the top in your page tab).