Bikini progessions. Bikini progressions?

Last year I took a couple of days off after my wedding. I went to the beach and took one photo of myself. I couldn’t even image at that time that 13 months later I’d take pretty much the same picture with the same bikini!

How weird – it looks like it’s bikini progressions time!

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So I found the two photos in my phone and got them together to compare them and check out how by body has changed over a year time.

Left picture is dated July 2015. Right picture is dated August 2016.

Can you spot any progression?

I can see better shredded shoulders and chest. I can also spot a bit of more skin in my belly on the left pic. I know I worked to make my abs more prominent over the last few months, though I don’t want it look like I have a bloated or fatty belly :(

I know I am very tough with myself, so I don’t see much progressions. On the contrary!

Taken in Sardinia, Italy

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