Missing family – Nostalgia

It doesn’t matter how much I love living in London, and the fact that I live out of Sardinia, far from my family, for 13 years now. Sometimes I have nostalgia, and I just find myself missing family – parents, grandmother, etc.

But I figured out how to get rid of this nostalgia right away.. a part from quibbling with my mother on the phone about anything and everything, I mean.

missing family, nostalgia, family selfies

You can’t have everything in life… So I every time I go home in Sardinia I bring back home with me a number of selfies with my family, since I can’t bring them with me.

I know Giuliano is missing in the pictures above, but don’t worry – even if he’s not pictured in them, he was always with us :)

Taken at Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy
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