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Last year I did a pretty good job covering my Christmas break on Instagram Stories. This year I was too busy enjoying Christmas and having all the food, so here’s only a quick Christmas recap of what happened.

fire extinguisher christmas post for christmas recap dailypinner
This is the Christmas pic taken from my Fire Extinguishers blog. If you don’t know anything about it, you may want to check it out NOW!

I don’t want to talk about Christmas

Since the post would be too long to give you a decent Christmas recap by words, I’m going to have the few pictures we took speak for myself.
Like in 2016, this year my family (mother, father, sister and dog) reunited with Franz’s family in sunny (but slightly colder than last year) Rome.
Franz’s grandmother and uncle Enrico joined us this year. We missed Aunt Carmen so so much in a way I couldn’t even realise, or describe.
I also found the time to meet up with my friends in Rome, and have a stroll in Rome’s city centre which never ceases to amaze me.

Here are the pics about my Christmas recap! I’m going for an ugly but practical series of slideshows. Make sure to read all the captions :)

My dad’s Christmas recap (pics taken from his camera)

My sister’s Christmas recap  – she’s been crowned the ‘Christmas selfie queen’

Christmas best portraits

My Christmas recap in pics (taken from Instagram)

Hope you enjoyed these few photos! Not sure what we’ll do next year for Christmas, but I hope to have a good one as this past Christmas!

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