Google Mobilegeddon – is your website mobile friendly?

People, are your websites optimised for mobile devices? Google is going to penalise all the sites that are not mobile friendly. Here’s how to quickly find a solution.

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The so-called Mobilegeddon is about to happen. Google is going to roll out a new update that will hit any websites not ready and compatible with mobile devices.
In a nutshell, if your website doesn’t render well on tablets and smartphones – so it’s not mobile friendly – Google will prefer other websites than yours while someone will search for something related to your website.

As an example, take Chase Williams website, which is about mystery fiction and detective stories. If it wasn’t mobile friendly (as it luckily is) it’d hardly appear on Google search engine results page (SERPs) as Google would prefer another mystery author’s website – which would be optimised for mobile devices.

How do I check if my blog or website is mobile friendly or not?

There’s a Google service for that. You can check if your website is optimised for mobile on this page. It’s a simple tool: you enter your website URL in the box, Google tells you if it’s mobile friendly or if you need to work on it – and what to edit.

My website is not mobile friendly. What should I do?

There are different things you can do. First thing first, check if your CMS provides responsive designs/themes. Whilst changing the skin of your website, you have basically sorted the problem out. There are thousands of responsive designs for websites and blogs around.
You can take advantage of that for giving your site a fresh new look, which is something we all should do more often!

I want more info, please!

I have written two compelling blog posts about Google’s mobilegeddon for The Internet Works, the SEO and digital marketing agency where I currently work.
Here you can find answers for the many questions you might have at the moment.

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Of course, if you have any other questions or if you need any help, drop me a comment below.