Homemade tangerine liquor by husband

tangerine liquor

We My husband made homemade tangerine liquor at home. We He started making it 2 months ago, and now it’s time to taste it.

Going to try @franzvitulli‘s first homemade liquor. It’s made with tangerines so I can have it :)

I wanted to share the recipe of the tangerine liquor, but my husband looked quite jealous of that. He told me he put something special in the liquor so… well, people, everyone has their own secret ingredients so I’ll keep the recipe for the next time, okay?

The tangerine liquor tastes very good! A tad too sweet but good! It’s safe to say I have a great jack of all trades hubby, isn’t it? Cheers! 🍊🍸

Taken at London, United Kingdom