My grandmother’s birthday is an example of freedom

Today is my grandmother’s birthday, and this is a story about valuing the freedom of expression.
my grandmother’s birthday, voting, freedom of expression

The lady in the pic is my grandmother (my mother’s mum). Her name is Ida, and she turns 91 today.
This pic was shot this morning in Nuoro, Sardinia, where my grandmother lives. She stands in front of her polling station (the closest school from her home), as today in Italy people are called to express their vote for a referendum.

Despite her age and the fact that it’s her birthday, she wanted to go and vote. She’s never missed one single election or referendum since she had the right to vote. This lady has lived dark times–during the Fascism and during WWII, when people and women can’t express themselves– se she know what it means to have something to say and can’t say it… because if you speak, you’re dead.

In Italy women granted their right to vote in 1945. Since the very first election day open to women, my grandmother expressed her vote every single time she was asked. She didn’t matter if for many years, due to the endless Italian redtape, she had to go from Nuoro to Cagliari to vote. She had to, she had to go and vote, because she was happy and grateful she could do it.

Mrs Ida values a lot the freedom of expression we sometimes take as granted. My grandmother is an example for us, and I wish her to keep inspiring me for many many other years ahead.
Love you grandma ❤️

Taken at Nuoro City
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