It’s my birthday! (again!)

It's my birthday

It’s my birthday today, and it looks like my husband knows how to wish me #happybirthday on Instagram #luckygirl 🎂

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The kind of wife that cooks the best carbonara in the world, manages to stay super-fit yet eating 3 pizzas in one go whenever she’d like to, watches superhero / sci-fi / tarantino-y movies (to name some) with you instead of those BS romantic comedies, can talk about Star Wars plots and implications for hours, would rather have a rare florentine steak instead of cake (or instead of “just a salad”, for that matter), and never says ‘no’ to a double scotch. Everybody deserves someone like her in their life, but sorry, good luck with your search, this one’s taken 😎 Happy birthday, @eraniapinnera!

Taken at London, United Kingdom
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