How Olympics can inspire a generation

Raghini Rajaram took part of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, and explains to us how Olympics can really inspire a generation. 

inspire a generation, london 2012, olympic opening ceremoniesI have the privilege of working with amazing people at Automattic, who every day strive to make the world a better place. I talked already about Allyson’s grandpa and his experience as an US rower at Berlin 1936, and Richard Archimbault has shared his views about the beauty of the Olympic Opening ceremoniesRaghini Rajaram, however, has actually took part of the London 2012 opening ceremony. She’s the perfect person to talk about how the Olympics are able to inspire a generation in so many ways. I leave the spotlight to her, and I hope you enjoy her powerful experience. 

Olympics do inspire a generation!

I have defined myself as a sports fan one from a very young age. Growing up, playing and watching sports can cure me of illness! Watching men and women give their best in any sport inspires me to do my best in every facet of life.

There is nothing bigger than the Olympics in the sporting world and being lucky enough to be living in London in 2012, I knew I had to find a way to be part of it. I auditioned for the opening and closing ceremony volunteer roles and I was ecstatic when I received this – yes, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Highlights of making an Opening ceremony

What followed was about 250-300 hours of work with some amazing volunteers, choreographers and Danny Boyle himself.

Some of the best moments include:

  • Meeting the legendary Danny Boyle and seeing his creative mind in action.
  • Receiving a letter from the Prime Minister David Cameron thanking us for performing in the ceremony.
  • Waving to all the athletes (including the ever jubilant Usain Bolt) as we entered the stadium to perform :)
  • The first time we practised at the stadium – it was not yet complete, but we were in awe to be there :)
  • The first dress rehearsal at the stadium, where we got to know what the noise would be on d-day!
  • The opening ceremony and everything that followed. Great Britain had a brilliant Olympics and I am proud to have been part of something that inspired a generation to get out and be active.

The cherry on top of the cake: the opening ceremony was on my 30th birthday.

I hope Rio 2016 is another step to inspire a generation, and every one of us to try at least one sport, do a little for our health, and try to be better than we were yesterday.