Indoor blossoming

Indoor blossoming, indoor basil blossom, spring, spring in london, green thumb

I’ve never imagined that a stupid indoor blossoming would make me feel so happy. I’m ageing, people.

The moment when your indoor basil blossoms out of the blue is 😍🌿🌱

I’ve been told that it’s no easy to keep alive demanding plants such as parsley and basil, especially indoor, and especially here in London.

Nevertheless, my plants managed to survive on their own many times for a while (like for about 20 days) and they never die! On the contrary, albeit they looked tired, they have always reacted and got taller and healthier! And this spring, the basil blossomed. Wow.

I guess I have to thank my grandmother Vincenza that gave me the green thumb genies :)

#spring #springinlondon #greenthumb

Taken at London, United Kingdom

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