Mystery Monday interview

A nice reading whilst being on mobile – the Mystery Monday interview series featuring me.

mystery monday, interview, christoph fischer, interviews, stefania mattanaBest selling and awarded author Christoph Fischer (@CFFBooks in Twitter) has interviewed me on his blog in his new Mystery Monday interview series.
It’s not the first time that Christoph features me in his blog and, asks about my next projects and fun facts around Chase and his neighbourhood in Tursenia.

I found my interview being quite pleasant to read from a mobile device, whilst on the train or commuting, so if you have some spare time if when you’re out and about just go to Christoph’s blog and take a look at it!

Christoph’s Mystery Monday interview series features many other fellow authors, all diverse and with an interesting personal background. I reckon it’s kind of cool to know about other authors, and discover new books, new genres and new murder cases to (try to) crack.

Many thanks to Christoph for hosting me in his blog – Click here to read the interview!

If you;re just too curious and want to peep at it, here’s a quick preview of the interview:

What are you working on now?  

The first draft of the book No3 of the Chase Williams murder mystery stories is almost ready. I haven’t chosen a title yet, but get ready for ‘Murder of a suicidal’–or something like that. [continues here]

What would your friends say are your best and your oddest quality?

I asked the same question to my friends a while ago to filling up my About page. Turns out one of my strongest quality is the determination, whilst the oddest is… my size. In fact, I’m quite a tiny person and although I complain about that, I have to admit that sometimes it comes very useful!

You can find the rest of the chat here – Enjoy! 🗞📰

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  1. Great interview, Stefania. Good luck with your new writing project.

    • Thanks Murielle. Hope you’re writing is going less slow than mine! So many things changing here at the moment, it’s hard to find some time for writing!

  2. Tiny, but determined. You sound a bit like me, Stefania. Best of luck on your new project :)

  3. Good stuff. Christoph is a wonderful contributor to the indie network.

  4. Thanks for sharing and for being such a lovely interview guest :-)

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