Famous legs

I’m the owner of a pair of famous legs! I went to have a massage and that’s what happened!

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The little things in life are the ones that really made our day. I went to have a deep tissue sports massage as I felt my muscle tired and screaming for a bit of extra love. Rianne, lovely lady who massaged me, felt in love with my legs so much that she posted them on Instagram! ❤️

It’s not the first time that some parts of myself get viral on Instagram. Well, should I pivot from being a mystery and detective author to a fitness something on social media?

Below there’s the text that Rianne posted in her Instagram account @rdtherapy

By far my favourite pair of legs to massage! As an ex sprinter who transitioned into weight training, I was expecting extremely tight hamstrings, glutes and quads, however… this lady has clearly looked after herself as there was hardly any muscle tightness! Simply through regular AND thorough stretching she has been able to continue to train at a high intensity and hold on to muscle, even with an unfortunate adductor injury. Teaches me for assuming!
Stretching is very underrate but I can not stress its importance and the benefits from it enough!

Taken at énergie Forest Hill

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