So now I work at Automattic…

I work at Automattic now. It got official on May 31st!

work at automattic, welcome pack

I’m going to talk about me being an Automattician and the work at Automattic very soon, I promise.

Being an Automattician is simply wonderful. There’s a lot of stuff to do every day, you have many responsibilities and there’s always something new to learn.

It’s like doing the best job ever, for real! You can also work from wherever you like, that’s why Franz and i managed to live in Vienna for a while. Then you come back home and find this.
Thanks Automattic for the lovely welcome pack! 😍#spoiltgirl

Taken at London, United Kingdom

More stuff about Automattic and the WordPress community on my Instagram and Snapchat (stefmattana). The picture above, in fact, comes from Snapchat, and that’s why you should follow me there.


    • Thanks! Hopefully I will, people are often curious about Automattic and distributed companies in general, so I’d like to share more info when I have some solid takeaways to give :)

  1. Fantastic news. Nothing better than a job you enjoy. Looking forward to reading more about this :-)

    • Automattic Inc is the company behind and many other WordPress related products such as Jetpack, VaultPress, Akismet etc.

      It’s a distributed company, meaning that the people working at it are spread all over the world. You can read more about it here:

  2. Congratulations! My afternoon job lets me work anything where and I love it. I wish my morning job allowed for that too.

      • I’m a publicity manager for a university research center in the mornings and in the afternoon I’m the editoral manager for an academic journal.

        • Oh, that sounds like a lot of writing, although it’s not fiction! How do you deal with that? I used to be a copywriter and I found hard to writing my stories after being the whole day writing for someone else!

          • I’m actually a non-fiction author, though my books keeping getting put on the back burner. My main writing outlet is my blog where I have multiple contributers. I blog to book so all my material is written but its finding the time to sit down and organize it into a book that I’m having trouble with.

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