iPhone se and optical illusions

My new iPhone se has just arrived and my sister asked if I bought a pair of leather trousers. That's the sofa! 😂#shortgirlsproblems #girlswithmuscles #iphone #newiphone
From Instagram: “My new #iPhoneSe has just arrived and my sister asked if I bought a pair of leather trousers. That’s the sofa! 😂”

This is the funny story of me getting the new iPhone se and people looking at my lap.

I’m not an Apple fangirl, though my husband gave me an early birthday present and got me an iPhone se, which it’s been just released!

Since it’s the first time that I have something super-brand-new, I Instagrammed and tweeted it out with the pics you can see above.

My sister replied to me straight away. She completely skipped the iPhone and noticed a fancy clothes detail:

Oh well, did you buy leather trousers and you didn’t tell me anything! They look nice!

Errr… Nope!

That was in fact my sofa! Maybe due to the position from which I shot the picture, that would actually look like a leg. Optical illusion, ladies and gens!

Many other people told me the same on Twitter and Instagram, and explained to everybody that it is the lower part of my living room sofa and not my thigh! Funniest part of the thing: nobody commented about my iPhone se!

I never had anything so new and exclusive, yet it’s been put in a corner by an optical trick. D’OH!

I wish I had such long legs, however I have to live with my gymnast-shaped body (meaning bulky short legs).

I am considering the option of getting a pair of leather trousers, though!

Taken at London, United Kingdom

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