Vol2 Chase’s short stories online everywhere

The Vol.2 of Chase’s short stories Cutting Right to the Chase is now available for any kind of ebook readers.

You know I interrupted my exclusivity deal with Amazon Kindle Store for Volume1 of the detective short stories collection Cutting Right to the Chase? I have set also the Volume 2 free, so now it’s available for all the kind of e-readers and file formats too.

Here are the main online ebook stores where you can purchase Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2:

cutting right to the chase, short stories available on kindle, nook, smashwords, ibook store

I couldn’t leave Cutting Right to the Chase Vol1 on Smashwords, Kobo etc alone, sitting on a shelf on its own without its siblings. Once the No2 Book’s deal with Amazon has expired, I didn’t renew it and published it everywhere.

The experiment on the other retail stores is in progress. It’s quite fascinating to see how readers relate with this kind of short stories both on the international and Italian ebook market. Behaviours vary from platform to platform, whether it is Kobo, Nook, Smashwords or whatnot – they all show different patterns from the ‘regular’ Amazon Kindle’s reader of my detective short stories series.

A more detailed list of the retailers where to but Cutting Right to the Chase is available on the short stories’ product page on my website


  1. I’m with you! I don’t want to be limited by Amazon’s exclusivity. How much of the world uses Apple products? It’s better to be diversified. :)

  2. Did I tell you I’d bought Cutting To The Chase in Italian?

    You, as for the rest,. Kobo etc, I have my books on there but never look at them. And then am always surprised to be getting payments form them. I’m gonna stick with my method :-)

    • Hey Chris, thanks for purchasing also in Italian! I’m curious to have your feedback as Chiara and I tweaked something comparing to the English version.

      As for the non-Amazon stores, I totally hear you! :D

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