I can run! I finally did it!

I can run again, it’s official. I’ve just managed to run 10 minutes in a row on the treadmill for the first time in 4 years.

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This celebration may look weird to someone who hasn’t followed my journey of endless chronic pain during the last few years, but the other day I really set a great milestone in my total recovery path.

In 2011 I went overtraining and seriously damaged the abductors of my right leg and consequently my whole core muscles. I couldn’t figure it out at the beginning so I wasted a lot of time trying to not think of the pain and keep training. Worst mistake of my life. The injury got so worse I could barely walk at some point.

Meanwhile I moved to the UK and started working at Decathlon, meaning walking for an average of 72km per week (!!!), which meant also no room of improvement for my poor leg and core.
At some point I also had a disgraceful plantar fasciitis on both my feet, which really pushed my mind and my body to the limits. That was when the NHS started treating me with a massive physiotherapy programme which I sometimes still do to keep everything under control.

After 1 year of therapies, structured physio, lots pf patience and strictly and controlled reintegration to the running (I started with 30 seconds running on the treadmill back in mid February, and adding 30 seconds every one or two weeks), I finally made it. I can run for 10 minutes in a row on a treadmill.

I’ve been dreaming this moment for nearly 4 years and finally it’s come. God knows how many times I stared at runners (indoor and outdoor) feeling so envy. I saw overweight people struggling on the treadmill and me – being 5kg undeweight – wishing to exchange their extra 10/15 kg with the possibility to run in their behalf.

Words cannot describe my feelings. I’m coming back stronger and more motivated than ever. My target is set to 20 minutes.

I beat my demons. Hopefully the worst is gone now.

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